Youth out Fashion & Film 2021

If there’s one thing we took away from the Youth out Fashion & Film Event this year, it’s that we’re a lot less talented than we thought. Seriously, the participants were all gifted as hell. Not to mention, the team who put it all together, of course. Definitely an event we’ll remember. The setup and rehearsals were as hectic as you can imagine, with L’oreal makeup artists working their magic, models strutting their stuff, and vendors setting up their spots – the atmosphere was grilling, but luckily, we had the sweet voice of Malak Farghaly (@malalalalalalalakk) to keep us sane. Nonetheless, it was exciting to be there. Beautiful paintings drawn by the lovely Lilly Helmy (@lillysworkshop), Mariam Alsarraj (@bythrougherstills), and Malak Elnaggar (@mandalasbymalak) were also being showcased on a wall opposite the runway, which is definitely our new favorite wallpaper. Catch us buying their paintings in bulk

There were a bunch of pop up shops there too, such as @wear.ugly, @marjaneclothing,, @tatu_eg,,, and a BUNCH of others, we wanted to go home with everything they had. Not to mention everyone’s favorite coffee place was there too, Seven Fortunes! We can confirm, it lives up to its reputation.

As for the event itself, we were completely blown away by each and every one of the contestants. A film student and a fashion student had to come together to create an outfit and a short video for it – in the one minute and the few pieces of fabric they had, these kids created something amazing, they gave the clothes a story, a background, a life. 10 groups, waiting to be critiqued by the judges: the one and only Mohanad Kojak, the talented and super down to earth Tameem Youness, and the lovely Nazly Abouseif and Shahira Tarek Zaki. (Stay tuned for upcoming interviews!) All we can say is that you had to be there. It definitely opened our eyes more to fashion and film, and the underlying messages and feelings in clothing and color. They weren’t afraid to express themselves, to go beyond the fashion world’s norms and restrictions.

Overall, the event was a huge hit. While there were only two students who won the IED & EICAR summer courses, runner-ups received internships with Kojak and PhotoBoutique . Shoutout to Youth out and its founder, Nadia Goede for absolutely rocking it and putting all of this together. Until next year.

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