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Join the team.

Are you a young teen who has always had an interest in media and creating content? or have a friend that does? Then join uthhub’s team! Join other teens like yourself creating content from all over the world! uthhub not only allows you to get your work published and seen by thousands of people but it also allows you to gain valuable knowledge and insight that’ll help you along the road to a career in Media. so, what are you waiting for? let’s make some noise!!

This application is rolling, meaning there is no deadline, but we recruit in batches, so the sooner you apply the faster you’ll get accepted.



  • Is this a paid opportunity?

No, it’s not due to our volunteer-based nature of publication also, how rich do you think we are?

  • What will I get out of this?

Experience! and you will be able to get your message/voice out to the world, also behind the scenes of interviews if you are an interviewer 😉

  • Are there any limitations to what I could write?

Nop, you can write about whatever you want to share with the world at that time. as long as it’s legal.



If you don’t have time to commit to the team and would like to publish an article, quiz, or any other form of media, fill in the form below!

* Please note that whatever you upload should be exclusive to uthhub only ( shouldn’t be posted anywhere else) 



Please E-mail us at or fill out this form ( ) and we’ll happily contact you back.



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