What Actually Happened with Chef Burack? Here is the Full Story.

Just a few months following Burak’s health issues, he is currently entangled in a legal battle with his father.

Burak Ozdemir,  Turkish chef and celebrity, has taken legal action against his father, suing him for engaging in fraud and illegally selling his name brand.Ozdemir’s father utilized his company to secure loans without obtaining his consent.Furthermore, he used the millions of dollars to acquire luxurious homes and cars.


Following the release of his Instagram and Tiktok cooking tutorial videos, Burak’s popularity started to rise.  Fans adored him for his enthusiastic personality. He was on hand during Turkey’s devastating earthquake disaster earlier this year, giving meals to victims and aiding those in need. His kind and giving nature garnered the admiration and support of admirers everywhere. 

The conflict between him and his father came to public attention following Turkey’s earthquake, during which his father opposed the his efforts to provide help and soon he knew that his father had sold the rights to his name to others.The case between them has recently been scheduled for a hearing in September.

Recently, Burak made an announcement stating that he will be launching his own restaurant in Istanbul, which will bear his name, in the month of September. 

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