1. book a hotel for the night  Kinda extreme ain’t it? ESP with friends but a night or two away from your house by the water under the sun, playing board games at night ( or screaming at how bad you are sunburnt) is enough  for you to come back as a brand new person (DONT FORGET TO WEAR THEIR FANCY ROBES) 

2. Get a pool/beach pass If a night in seems hard ( with everything going on ofc) you can book a pool and beach pass at some hotel and experience the luxury of the spa with a calming massage ( and for those athletes out there how does splashing in cold water after a hard workout in the gym sound like?)

3. Have a night out at in a restaurant with A ton of food and laughs, happy tummy happy time right?

4. I would normally suggest amusement parks but let’s be honest it’s really hot for that so why not search for an indoor one or go bowling?

5. arcades are your anti-heat best friends during summer, try getting a high score in one those games, and if there ain’t a nearby hit up the magic planet.

6. Go skateboarding,roller skating or bicycling in the backyard & end the night with a delivery from your favorite restaurant

​7. Water activities are endless from jet skiing to parachuting to going ion a banana boat ride the list just goes on and on 

8. Go to a skyscraper rooftop at night or sunrise/set! The view there would be so good and you can have a mini photoshoot there as well

9. Beach picnics, you have probably heard this before I mean Pinterest is filled with aesthetic beach picnics  I personally had one with my friends, we  ordered pizza took some Polaroids and danced around it was so fun 

10. Have a cook-off you can do this with absolutely anyone who can make food without burning the kitchen down and have the rest as judges ( who wouldn’t want to eat a ton of different dishes and shine their inner Gordon Ramsay?) 

11. Games night: don’t forget the just dance!

12. Board night from monopoly to Jenga to twister you can never go wrong with that

  13. Movie night all these should be accompanied by food or snacks,again happy tummy happy time  Finally, make sure you follow the safety guidelines and wear your masks don’t be a karen xx

Written by: Maya Darwish

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