Ethical Concerns: Disney’s Exploitation of the 2020 Lebanese Explosion in “The Creator”

Disney shouldn’t use real-life tragedies for the purpose of entertainment.

The upcoming film, The Creator, produced by Disney, has unveiled in its latest trailer scenes footage of the devastating explosion that occurred at Beirut’s port three years ago. This tragic event had a massive impact on Lebanon’s economy and political stability,making it a sensitive topic that raises questions about its appropriateness for entertainment purposes. The explosion led to the loss of over 200 lives, left 7000 people injured, and caused approximately US$15 billion in property damage. Sadly, the victims of this incident are still awaiting justice for the immense suffering they endured.


The way Disney has chosen to use such sensitive documentation is disrespectful to the victims and all those whose lives were and continue to be impacted by the explosion. It is not unexpected that the Western media is once again utilizing the Middle East for their own gain, exploiting and profiting from a tragic human event.

If the media industry wants to use such footagel and profit off people’s sufferings, which is unethical and problematic, they should at least contribute to paying the victims for what they lost.  However, while being a cause of numerous wars and conflicts in the region, the United States rarely contributes to any disasters that occur in the Middle East.

Today, on August 4th, it has been exactly three years since the explosion. Unfortunately, there have been no significant changes or improvements in Lebanon. People continue to face hardships in their daily lives. It is important to show respect and offer support to those who have been affected by this tragedy.

People on social media are all requesting for the scene to be removed or changed. Hopefully, Disney acts quickly on this.

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