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I wasn’t a watching person, I always filled my time with my nose in a book in the imaginary world of mine but due to quarantine -and the fact that I reread all the books I own- I decided to get into watching Egyptian series and movies and oh god I which I didn’t.

Yes, some stuff produced is actually good and impactful but there’s a whole lot of garbage on the other side. I can’t watch a movie without there being a sexual joke aw someone body shaming an “overweight” girl maslan once there is an overweight person the writer decides that this is what that character should revolve around its like being overweight is her only personality trait and then they add a shit ton of jokes that have no contribution to the plot nor the character development for “comedy” like film “habiby na2man” where the girl has to take a portion to appear “prettier” and guess what they make her look like? skinnier! WHO THINKS THIS SHIT IS FUNNY OR ENTERTAINING IN ANY WAY??!

​Let’s begin from where it all started “el za3eem” I genuinely love is acting and was so oblivious to how harmful the content he sends to the world is! It’s probably because I have grown up religiously watching “el tagroba el denemarkeya” “Bobos” “Morgan Ahmed Morgan” that any not Consent touching or sexual jokes I have seen were normalized by young me and I haven’t given them another thought up till now, nowadays whenever I see any of those scenes I get sad about why no one has never acknowledged what was happening earlier?!

And the list goes on from Tamer Hosny f (“howa dah”)  To Ramez Galal (where should I start? his whole show is based on sexual jokes and assault) to Tameem Younis (3shan tb2y t2oly la2) to Ahmed ezz (welad riz2) to to, unfortunately, the list is endless.

​Why has no one stopped this? Instead, it’s just being aired and passed from a generation to the next making more damage each time, I am not here today to blame any of these people because the damage they produced alongside the female actors participating that agreed on this, the producers and directors is  deep-rooted for blame now instead we need to acknowledge  it and take responsibility of our actions, for now, am sorry Egyptian women but your countries media has failed you.

Written by: Maya Darwish

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