The Summer I Turned Pretty: All The Deets On How Old The Cast Is On The Show And IRL in season 2

It’s officially ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ season! While the characters are in Cousins bringing us this masterpiece of a show, we are left out here in the real world trying to figure out their age. If this topic has ever crossed your mind, then you are defiantly in the right place!

just in case you missed season 2’s trailer 😉

Show’s Superstar

Lola’s Age: 20

Belly’s Age: 16

Starting of with the star of the show, the one and only Lola Tung. Lola is one of two 20 year olds on the cast, however her character “Belly” is at 16 years old.

Sean’s Age: 23
Steven’s Age: 17 or 18

Steven ConKlin aka Belly’s older brother who’s age wasn’t specified, but it’s was known that he around 17 or 18. Sean however is rocking the age of 23.

Chris’s Age: 25

Conrad’s Age: 17

Reaching the older fisher brother is 17 going on 18 on the second season. Christopher Briney could easily be mistaken for a child, but in reality he is at a whopping 25 years.

Gavin’s Age: 23

Jeremiah’s Age: 16

The golden retriever of the cast, Gavin Casalengo is 23 years old, while on the show Jeremiah is the same age as Belly which is 16 years old.

Rain’s Age: 24

Taylor’s Age: 16

On the show Belly and her best friend Taylor appear to be in the same grade in school, meaning they’re both 16. You’d think they’re also the same age in reality, but actually Rain is 24 years old which makes her 4 years older than Lola.

Minnie’s Age: 21

Shayla’s Age: 16

In case you didn’t know Sean Kaufman and Minnie Mills are said to be dating in real life as well as in the show with two years apart in both worlds, this is one weird coincidence!

David’s Age: 21

Cam’s Age: 16

An unpopular opinion, belly should be with Cam Cameron. The minority of the fandom’s favorite, Cam Cameron is at 16, however David here is 21 years old in real life.

Jackie’s age: 62

Laurel’s Age: between 46 and 50

On the show Laurel is supposed to be between 46 and 50 years old, but Jackie ages like fine wine and is actually the oldest member on the cast at the age of 62.

Rachel Blanchrad


Rachel’s Age: 47

Susannah’s Age: between 46 and 50

Susannah and Laurel were the same age on the show, but their age wasn’t specified, however in real life Jackie is older than Rachel Blanchard by 15 years!


Reaching the newest cast members Elsie Fisher and Kyra Sedgwick, their ages on the show is unknown but in real life Elsie is 20 years old, and Kyra is 57 years old. check out our 10 movies to watch this summer, in case you’re more of a movie type of person!

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