Taking a Day off: Best 5 Valid Reasons to Tell Your Boss

No matter the reason, we all need days off from work, here are some valid reasons to tell your boss in case of emergency!

You’re just not feeling well

day off

Keep it short and simple, a “I’m not feeling well” or “I’m a bit under the weather” should work. It’s ok to not give details. Also remember that your mental health contributes to your overall wellbeing. Some employers even provide leave specifically for mental health so it’s always good to check for that.

A last-minute doctor’s appointment

We all know that scheduling doctor’s appointments can be unpredictable. This one can be a non-emergency like a dentist, optometrist or a routine checkup that just couldn’t be rescheduled for further notice.

A Family Emergency

Family emergencies are unpredictable a valid reason for anyone to take a day off. Whether it’s a sick family member or another situation that popped up, it’s perfectly valid for you to tell your boss you’ll be needing a day or two off to deal with it. It’s also valid to keep the situation private and withhold details if necessary to keep your work and life separate.

Adverse weather conditions

This weather talk goes beyond small talk. If you live in an area prone to flooding, tornados, or hurricanes, it’s valid to tell your boss that you’re prioritizing your safety and choosing not to commute when these conditions arise. This may result in you being called upon for remote work, however so not technically a day off, but better still.

House problems

This could be a gas leak, a moving day, a burst pipe, a fire or a pest infestation. These circumstances are often sudden and unpredictable making them valid reasons to take a day off. It’s also hard to coordinate moving crews, exterminators or repairers remotely.

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