How To Heal Your Inner Child In 3 Steps

Feeling guilty all the time, feeling like you’re a terrible person, have to make others happy or seeking relationships with abusive partners are all signs of a wounded inner child. To heal your inner child, you need to start making an effort to validate and meet the needs of your inner child. Here’s how to heal your inner child in a few steps.

1. Identify the form of neglect/trauma you experienced as a child

This can range from a lack of love to a lack of protection, and anything in between. You might have wished you had more resources, more guidance, or more freedom. Allow yourself to feel that void again, and recognize it for what it is. This step is one of the essential steps to heal your inner child.


2. Embrace, validate and acknowledge your emotions

You must acknowledge that your inner child exists by talking to it. Giving your inner child a real identity might help in the healing process. It’s okay to feel anger, resentment, remorse or even embarrassment towards what happened. Instead of trying to move past those emotions, go ahead and sit with them. 


3. Identify your emotional triggers

What makes you instantly upset, angry, or fearful? Can you trace them back to negative experiences in childhood? When you identify where this pain originated, reassure your inner child that they are safe, loved, and heard.


When you’re young, you feel victimized because you’re unable to stand-up for yourself. As an adult, you can take action in giving yourself things you wish you had as a child and allow yourself to enjoy the freedom that comes with that reward. Talk to a therapist or someone you trust. Think of all your good childhood memories – or at least imagine ones – and by time you’ll have a healed inner child.

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