Top 10 Back-to-School Supply Stores in Egypt

Summer is coming to an end and the back-to-school season is right around the corner, we all know that school supplies somewhat make the long boring days more bearable. Here are the top 10 places to restock on essentials!

1.Bakier Stationary

Bakier stationery is truly a gem when it comes to stationaries, it has things ranging from school and office supplies to executive gifts. They have such a variety in their products as well as the highest quality, however their prices are a little high. If you are an arts and crafts person then this destination is meant for you! Their branches



The Fifth Settlement:

Mivida New Cairo: make sure to check out their online page!

2.Volume 1

Volume 1 is this cute little place that has a marvelous selection of supplies, their prices are excellent for those out there who think it’s never enough school supplies! It’s located in two areas:



3.Khodeir Stationary

Not a lot of people know about this place, yet it’s one of the best locations out there for school supplies shopping, with one of a kind variety of each supply, this place will rock your world!




4.Alwan Stationary

To all my artists out there, are you ready to show off your art skills using wonderful equipment? At Alwan Stationary you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to create those masterpieces of yours. Located in 5 different areas, I’m sure you’ll find a branch close to you.

Sheikh Zayed City:



New Cairo:

Giza District:

5.Van Gogh

This Zamalek hidden gem is straight out of a 90s movies, Check it out!


For all my lazy folks out who don’t wanna leave their houses in this heat, amazon’s stationary section is for you, with a variety of products, you can probably sneak an item that’s not so school supplies 😉

7.Samir & Aly

Of course, we all know the one and only Samir & Aly stationary, I think as kids we all went there with our parents. It has 19 branches around Egypt, so look up the one closest to you!

8.Lotus Stationary

Not only is it rated as the place with the most respectful staff, but it also has one of the finest quality products.




9.Lines Stationary

This stationery has absolutely any and everything you could ever want at the best prices, it’s a personal favorite of mine, located in Maadi

10.Beranasos Stationary

Last but defiantly not least Beranasos stationary is perfect for any crafty person, you’ll find any one-of-a-kind supplies!

Al Obour:



If you still haven’t gone into that school mindset make sure to check out our ” How to Prepare For a N ew School year”!

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