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5 Amazing Places to Find Cheap Therapy in Egypt

Because working on your mental health shouldn’t break the bank.

So, you’ve decided you want to go to therapy. First of all, congratulations!

Admitting you want to get help is a big breakthrough. Self awareness is the first step to getting better. No matter what you’re struggling with, big or small, it’s okay to want to see someone. I’m tired of the idea that there are things going on in life that aren’t “worth” going to therapy for. Maybe you’re just having a rough week, or you feel off, or you’re stressed out. We shouldn’t have to wait till things get horrible to feel Like we can get help. But – the stigma and the taboo-ness behind therapy is a whole other article.

1. Gestalt Clinic

Located in the 1st Settlement, Gestalt Clinic offers therapy for kids, adults, families and couples. Their website is super informative and filled with quizzes to help you understand what you may need therapy for. They also have a blog filled with information about their clinic, deficiencies, and more interesting topics. Their initial assessment is more on the pricy side: 600 EGP online, and 800 EGP in person (hourly rate). But their follow-ups are more affordable, being 300 EGP online and 400 for appointments in person.

2. Good Hope Psychiatry Clinic

Operating in Mohandessein and Masr El Gedida, Good Hope offers services for kids, adults, and those suffering from psychosis. They also conduct a series of tests ranging from intelligence tests to cognitive functions tests to personality tests. Their prices range around 400 EGP, Honestly, this clinic looks really professional and has a bunch of great reviews – so trust you’re in good hands!

3. Shezlong

A therapy app – Shezlong is great for those who aren’t able to travel to clinics or for those living abroad. It’s trusted by companies such as Etisalat, Ghabbour Auto, and so many more. They have an extensive list of therapists which is amazing because it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Their prices range anywhere from 200EGP to 2000EGP per hour, depending on who you’re booking with.

Therapy app Shazlong on phone.

4. Serenity Psychology Center

Located in Maadi and New Cairo (great for the east and west Cairo dwellers), Serenity Psychology Center also offers individual and couple therapy, as well as psychiatric aid and leadership consultancy. Their social media is filled with information about their team, which is nice because you get to know the person you’re opening up to. Once again – it is not a one-size-fits-all with therapists. It’s important to find someone you are comfortable with, or else you’re not going to want to go to therapy anymore. Not sure how to determine whether or not your therapist is right for you? Here’s some tips on how to pick the perfect one. Their fees are 1200 EGP and their sessions are 500 EGP.

5. Exist Counselling

Another Mohandessein-based center, Exist Counselling offers specialized services in drug, work, gambling and other addictions, as well as helping people cope with codependency and trauma. Seriously, sign me up for each category. They have very informative posts on their Instagram regarding mental health issues and risks (catch me binge reading them tonight), and also information about their team. Their services range from 550 to 850 EGP.

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