4 Egyptian Movies We’re Dying To See!

The past month has been one packed for the film industry globally, but which Egyptian movies should you keep your eyes peeled for now that Barbenheimer is a thing of the past?

1- El 3ameel Sefr

Directed by Karim El Adl, El 3ameel Sefr is another comedy lining up the hallways of Egyptian cinemas. Starring Akram Hosny (who also happens to be one of the writers) & Bayoumi Foaad. Details of the film’s plot are as of yet unknown, but as it drops in cinemas on the 16th, we can only assume that we’ll be laughing our seats off in 4 business days 😉

2-Wesh F Wesh

Mohamed Mamdouh & Amina Khalil are a duo known best for their theatrical pieces, think drama, big lights, all that jazz. What if I told you that the pair were actually starring side-by-side, or face-to-face in this instance, in a comedy? The film explores marital life, through cultural differences amidst them, so we’re intrigues to see how that coincides with comedy! That’s right only a day after El 3ameel Sefr premiers Mamdouh & Khalil’s comedic work takes center stage. What are your expectations for such a twist?

3-Abo Nasab

Another comedy following a doctor navigating a life’s crisis. The doctor in question? Mohamed Emam. The crisis involvees? Yasmin Sabri & Maged El Kedwani. With such a star-studded movie, one would wonder if it will become an Egyptian blockbuster?

4-Hassan El Masry

The last movie we’re looking forward to, is one still in the works, with a release date soon to be announced. Hassan El Masry, includes film star Ahmed Hatem and recent up & coming star Lina Sophia. While the premise of the film itself is unknown at the time, just that it’s a mystery & action genre of sorts, Lina continues to share bits and pieces of the movies to her fans, keeping gen-z on the edge of their seats for this duo to take to the silver screen.

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