Top 6 Exciting Releases This Summer: Shows & Films

Wondering what to watch this summer? Here are some top releases for your list!

With many of us on our summer holidays, things can get a bit boring. However, we’re sure that upon reading this piece, you’ll be thrilled to anticipate the releases of these shows and movies that will fill your days with excitement! 


Hollywood’s arguable greatest anticipatory release since 2021 is this year’s Barbenheimer, that’s right the two movies by directive geniuses Greta Gerwig (for Barbie) and Christopher Nolan (for Oppenheimer) have Gen- Z in a chokehold, with their star-studded casts and rich plots, many are already planning for the big day on which both movies are set to release on July 21st. So what are your plans for the biggest cinematic day of the year and which is your pick? 

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Everyone’s breath caught when we found out that TSITP dropped a new version of Miss Swift’s August track. A version unrivalled by any other if we may say so ourselves! The new version of August debuted on the show’s trailer, which is set to premiere on July 14th and is expected to break many hearts with its new and embellished plot. There are also numerous online discourses on which ‘teams’ people are on, Conrad or Jeremiah? 

The Lincoln Lawyer

Based on a novel, The Lincoln Lawyer premiered on Netflix’s top 10 this past week. The storyline, which may come as a surprise to many to be based on real-life events, follows an LA hotshot lawyer who restarts his law career by undertaking a murder case post his long break. The show is filled with plot-twists and romantic build-up that will leave you teetering on the edge of your seat. And as if that wasn’t good enough, the second installation of the show is due to premier only 4 weeks after the first one wraps, on August 4th, so you’ll be plenty entertained!  

Gossip Girl


Not exactly a “new” release in the sense of the word, but new to Netflix and which has caused a social media fiasco of sheer joy, everyone’s favourite Gossip Girl is now back on Netflix’s streaming services and is here to stay, so buckle up for the upper east side’s drama, you’re in for a doozy 😉

The Bear

Finally, on a streaming service other than Netflix, Disney+ is bringing back a second season of the much-anticipated series The Bear. The show’s upcoming season is set to follow its main characters as they work to transform their old sandwich joint into the next it-spot. Throughout the second season, you watch the characters grow and develop as they encounter the many trials and tribulations of running and sustaining an A+ place. 

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