How To Be High Maintenance To Be Low Maintenance: 5 Ways

Let’s be honest, we’re both here because of Tik Tok. Over the past few months, as the economy rolls into its recession phase, people have been out there trying to save money in the most creative ways. Being pretty on a budget, was thus the reproduction of that need. 

Here are our 5 ways to being low maintenance via high maintenance. A tongue twister, I know!

1-Overnight Curls

If you haven’t seen the million of girls on Tik Tok with socks in their hair, then you 100% must be living under a rock. Otherwise, if you aren’t, then you’re no stranger to overnight curls. The concept, while easy in theory, has proven complicated in concept, with many tried and true methods of sleeping with your hair curled to avoid heat damage, each day a new tik tok proclaims the new end-all-be-all of overnight curls


While doing them may be tedious and even tricky at first, mastering them will save you so much time in the morning. Ensuring that you feel your best self, especially if you cannot invest in half a thousand dollar dyson right now!

2-Lash Lift

The makeup industry is a billion dollar industry, it’s one that takes our insecurities and redeems us of them! It’s also one that puts out new products almost monthly. The stars of which are hardest to formulate & appease being mascaras, but what if you didn’t have to delve into the fine art of eyelash separation, but also volumization, but also thickening? 

A lash lift is high maintenance to low maintenance 101. By going to a professional, lash lifts give you the most elevated eyelash appearance and it could be shaped to your desire!! However, I would love to note here, that you should not buy amazon kits and just do them yourselves, because that is genuinely incredibly dangerous and could cause serious eye infections! We want to look cute, not sick!


If you’re not a makeup girl, then skincare is the way to go. Having a skincare routine doesn’t have to include a complicated 10-steps, instead you can stick to a good moisturizer, and sunscreen that suit your skin type. You can find out more about that here

By doing so, you ensure that your skin is self-suficient, so it’s radiant without the need of foundation and bright without the need of concealer.

While investing in skincare may initially be pricey and expensive, in the long haul it’s better for your overall well-being, in the short haul, it’s the key to being low maintenance.

4-Gel Nails

The mother of all high maintenance to low maintenance Tik Toks and for good reason too. Although prices may vary according to your country, in most countries -aside from the US apparently- getting a gel manicure isn’t too expensive.

Lasting for 2 weeks, gel nails ensure an elegant look for just an hour of your time each visit. As ladies we dress to impress and gel nails definitely do the trick each time. Taper with the nail shape and colours till you find one that you deem is your signature one. 

5-Hair … Again

Finally, the most popular way to be low maintenance by achieving a high maintenance appearance is ditching the bleach. Indeed it’s a movement catching social media by storm, in which girls ditch the bleach and return to their roots, instead opting for timeless, yet easy hairstyles that they can do themselves. Which has now started a trend of 30 hairstyles in 30 days, which has taken on a rather fun turn for girls. 

In the end, looks aren’t everything, that being said they play a huge part in how we feel about ourselves. By taking care of ourselves once weekly or monthly, we ensure we give ourselves the space to respect ourselves. Do that for yourself. Be your own advocate. 

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