Dressing Don’ts for Wedding Guests: What to Avoid

“You show up to the wedding to honor the couple. Your appearance should reflect that” – Julie Sabatino

Though we are nearing the end of the summer season, we are far from the end of wedding season. That is because wedding season is forever!

Choosing what to wear to a wedding is stressful as it is, even for the guests. With dress codes becoming more confusing and diverse, it can be difficult to navigate the wedding wardrobe. If you are stuck in this guest conundrum, or want to be ready for the next wedding, we have the the best advice for you to stick by.

Whether an invitation calls for formal, cocktail, or garden attire, guests can prevent the most serious fashion faux pas with these universal wedding style rules.

Wedding Attire Rules to Live By

Avoid wearing everyday attire

If you are invited to a wedding and the dress code states its “casual attire” this does not mean you can wear whatever you wan (as tempting as it sounds). It doesn’t matter if the dress code requests “casual” attire, jeans, T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, and sneakers are not the most approbate thing to wear as a wedding guest. Casual attire usually means items along the lines of midi dresses and jumpsuits for the ladies, or laid back suits with t-shirts for the men.

Jeans are usually a no go

Never wear white

While this may be more directed to the ladies, it is quite a known rule. Wearing white to a weddings seen as disrespectful and as upstaging a bride. There is an endless amount of colors and shades to go for so ruling out white is not limiting in any way. Opt for other elegant colors like pastels, jewel tones, or classic neutrals to avoid upstaging the bride on her special day. According to The Knot, the most popular colors that guests wear to weddings are black, green, blue, pink and red– and everything in between.

While wearing something similar to another guest could always happen, avoiding white helps make sure you don’t match with the bride

Avoid anything excessively flashy

This follows a similar tune to not wear white– dressing flashy may steal some spotlight from the wedding couple. All attention should be on the people getting married; don’t inadvertently steal their thunder by wearing clothing that draws all eyes to you. At the end of the day, there is nothing more elegant than the utmost subtlety.

Don’t match the bridal and bachelor party

While not wanting to match the couple getting married is a very important thing to keep in mind, it may also be important to not wear something that could match the bridal or the bachelor party. This is so that you can avoid being mistaken as a bridesmaid or groomsman if you are not.

Avoid wearing similar colors or styles to the bridesmaids or groomsmen, as it can create confusion or make you appear like you’re trying to be part of the wedding party.

Don’t wear anything too uncomfortable

Its important for you to wear something that is comfortable to move in as weddings can be be hours on end of dancing and going around in. You’ll need your clothing to stand up to all of that activity while keeping you looking and feeling your best. That means you want clothes cut to a reasonable fit that’s going to allow you a full range of motion.

Attending a wedding as a guest is a wonderful experience, but it comes with the responsibility of dressing appropriately. By avoiding these dressing “don’ts,” you can show your support for the couple’s special day and contribute to the overall atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Remember that weddings are about celebrating love and commitment, so make sure your outfit reflects the significance of the occasion without overshadowing the bride and groom.

There are many different kinds of events that you need to know to dress for, and we have you covered for all of them!

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