The New Barbie Dress Code: A 7-Step Style Guide For All

The world of Barbie is glamorous, bold, and pink. With the movie finally being released in the MENA region, there is so much pressure with knowing what to wear because, after all, it’s the event of the year! It’s time to channel your inner pink and if you have no idea how to do that, you have come to the right place. No matter who you are, this guide will help you navigate the dazzling world of Barbie fashion, ensuring you’re dressed to impress for the big event.

Barbie Poster
Barbie (2023) Theatrical Poster

When it comes to Barbie, pink is the ultimate power color. Incorporate various shades of pink into your outfit to capture the essence of the doll’s signature style. The main color palette of the movie is pink (obviously), and that can be worn in multiple shades. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching different pink hues to create a visually striking and harmonious look.

1. Embrace the Barbie Pink Galore

In preparation for the Barbie movie and the insane marketing that they have done, many stores and shops have stocked up on Barbie-inspired clothes such as H&M, ZARA, BooHoo, and even Ya Omri swimsuits!

The MENA region has gone Brabie crazy and there are so many places to find Barbie- influenced couture.

ZARA’s Barbie Collection

2. Vintage Vibes and Ode to the History of Barbie

Barbie has existed as a style icon since 1959, from the original black-and-white striped bathing suit, long wiggle dress, evening gloves, and Marilyn Monroe-inspired choker to a gingham dress, Barbie has served through the decades. Paying homage to her history can be a new and stylish approach to the event.

It doesn’t stop there as a retro-style suit with a slim cut and classic accessories like suspenders can capture that timeless essence.

The original 1959 Barbie

3. Barbie Accessories That Maketh the Look

No outfit is complete without an accessory and that standard holds high with Barbie. So much can be said with a statement piece like a necklace, sunglasses or even a bold bag to really sum up. Its that easy to accessorize to the highs!

4. Channel the Professions

Barbie has donned various professions throughout her career, from astronaut to veterinarian. Incorporate elements from her different roles into your outfit. A space-themed accessory, like a cosmic-inspired scarf or tie, can pay tribute to her astronaut persona. Similarly, animal-print accessories or a lab coat can channel her veterinarian side.

5. Channel Mojo Dojo Casa

While it may seem that dressing up is not for everyone, this is false. The Ken-inspirations are everywhere and channeling Ken can be as simple as his classic red shorts and blue shirt combo. To channel Ken is to channel icon and there are so many outfits to choose from including the closet of Ryan Gosling which made for an inspiring addition to the movie. From the denim waistcoat and jeans to the fur coat and cowboy hat, there are so many elements to incorporate to watch the movie in style.

Iconic Kens from the 1960’s

6. A Celebration of Barbie’s Diversity

As you prepare for the Barbie movie premiere, remember that Barbie has evolved to embrace diversity and inclusivity. She now represents a wide range of skin tones, body shapes, and styles. Feel free to experiment with your outfit by incorporating elements that celebrate this inclusivity. Choose colors and styles that resonate with your unique personality and heritage, and let your ensemble become a statement of unity in the spirit of Barbie’s inclusive world.

7. Confidence: Barbie’s Ultimate Accessory

No matter what you wear, the key to pulling off the Barbie look comes from within: confidence. Embrace the fun and whimsical life and world of Barbie and let your inner confidence shine through whatever you’re wearing. After all, Barbie’s true beauty comes from her empowerment and individuality.

Margot Robbie and America Ferrera at the Barbie premiere in Seoul, South Korea

As the movie hits the big and silver screens of the Middle East, now is the time to unleash your creativity and experiment with colours and fashion styles. Whether you’re recreating one of Barbie’s iconic looks through the decades, or adding your own modern take on some Barbie-esque couture, the most important thing is that you “can be anything” and be confident!

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