10 Best Barbie themed activities in Dubai and Egypt

Its officially Barbie season in the middle east! Here are some inspired activities to get your pink on this summer.


1. Free Intellect Coffee

Dress in your favorite pink fit and say the magic words (come on barbie lets go party!) to redeem a free coffee. Located in Al Qouz, grab this drink before you go for your movie. Valid till August 31.

2. Sugargram Cake

She’s everything… He’s just Ken. Celebrate your inner Barbie with this Barbie-themed cake sure to impress!

3. Joybird Home Decor

Bring a bit of Barbie into your home with Joybird’s Barbie collection. With velvet and cushions all in 50 shades of pink, this collection is sure to spice up your interiors.

4. Pretty Pink Starlets

Enjoy Dunkin Donuts’ Barbie inspired donut collection this summer before going in for your movie. Only AED 35 for 6 donuts sweeten the Barbie deal with these treats.

5. Chiki x Barbie

Check out Chiki for some awesome Barbie themed chicken and fries with a pink sauce. Treat your tastebuds at this store with branches all over the UAE.


1. Cult at Sahel

Walking into Cult’s new branch at sahel is like walking straight onto the set of Barbie. They’ve embraced the pink even before the breakthrough movie and their expansive menu is sure to draw you in.

2. Chicken Barbiecue

Enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of the all-new chicken Barbiecue sandwich at Kansas. In stores 4th August onwards.

3. Berry Pink Lemonade at Momochi

Savour the Berry Pink lemonade in honor of the Barbie movie. The perfect refreshing drink, it’s sure to keep you cool this summer. Exclusive to the Point 90 branch. You can also show your Barbie movie tickets for an extra 20% discount!

4. Barbie at Forever 21

Shop this pink swimsuit and many more pieces to set your wardrobe for the Barbie movie with Forever 21. It’s sure to spice up your wardrobe for the summer!

5. Holmes’ Pink Sauce

Indulge in Holmes Burger’s assortment of burgers and fries with pink sauce. Add a splash of pink to every bite!

There’s your list of Barbie- themed activities to keep you occupied this summer!

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