Tamino: A Musical Odyssey of Cultural Fusion and Poetic Mastery

It was one of the winter seasons when I first came across Tamino for the first time. I remember I had just finished studying and randomly picked a song to listen to on YouTube. The name had caught my attention, and his voice was ethereal. Nothing like I’ve heard before. It wasn’t until 2 more years of immersing myself in his words and melody that I figured out who he really is.

Tamino- Amir Moharam Fouad, the grandson of the famous singer and actor Moharam Fouad. He was born in Belgium to a Belgian mother and has lived most of his life there after his parents divorced.


He spoke to several publications on how music was a big part of his upbringing and the profound impact it had on his life. He was exposed to many musical talents from a young age including his own grandfather who sadly passed away when he was only 5. At the age of 15, he embarked on his journey of writing his music and continued to pursue music studies throughout his college years.

At the beginning of 2018, he released his debut track titled “Habibi,” which was succeeded by his album Amir. This album received recognition at Belgium’s MIA Awards, earning five nominations. The album featured 12 songs, one of which was shot in Egypt Indigo Nights 

The first concept of the video was based on paintings from a 1930’s – 40’s art movement in Cairo called “ Art & Librerté. I don’t suppose the influence is highly noticeable in the result, but it was very much an inspiration and a big reason why we wanted to shoot in Cairo

The songs he wrote and performed in his first album were a beautiful blend of Arabic melodies and Indie style. The lyrics softly conveyed a narrative, and with each listen, you find yourself gaining a deeper understanding of the message behind his words.

His performances attracted a fresh wave of listeners and fans. In 2019, he revealed plans for a tour in North Africa and the Middle East. Commencing his tour with a remarkable show at Cairo Jazz Club 610 in Egypt, he left the audience in awe, completely blown away by his exceptional vocal abilities and the enchanting power of his music

The lockdown was a huge obstacle for a lot of artists including Tamino. As a result, he had to cancel the remaining dates of his North American tour and remained absent from social media until early February. He made his return with the release of “The First Disciple,” showcasing his alluring music and lyrical brilliance. Tamino’s heavenly melodies and poetic verses resurfaced once more in his second album, “Sahar,” which was unveiled in September 2022.

His most recent music video, titled “Sunflower,” was introduced on February 21st, a collaboration with the artist, Angele. The music video was directed by his brother, Ramy Fouad. The video was highly praised for its cinematic visuals and serenity. Tamino’s evolution as both an artist and poet consistently leave us in awe, as every single detail in his lyrical storytelling masterpiece continues to astound us.

Only a year ago, Tamino continued touring in the USA, Canada, and Europe to promote his latest album. Currently, he is once again on tour for the summer season. His upcoming performances are scheduled for September in Turkey.

Although there are currently no scheduled dates or announcements of his upcoming concerts in the Middle East, we are eagerly waiting for him to perform again here. 

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