Why all bodies are summer bodies: 4 ways to love your body

Summer Bodies are a myth

At least once, we’ve all looked up how to achieve that perfect body for the summer. We may have even done the Chloe Ting challenges to get a smaller waist or begun swallowing green smoothies all day.

In the months leading up to summer, we are constantly reminded through social media campaigns and commercials of how our bodies and lifestyles should look like. With that much pressure, summer may be disturbing for many of us, especially when we fail to show love to our bodies and give them credit for keeping us healthy.

Body dissatisfaction remains a major concern women and men face on a daily basis. However we should be reminded that all bodies are not only summer bodies but everyday ones. Rather than evaluating our bodies by their sizes, we must evaluate them based on how effectively they function and how healthy they are.

Accepting and loving our bodies as they are can be a difficult path, but there are certain important things we can learn to strengthen our connection with it.  

Don’t neglect your relationship with food; work to improve it. 

Creating a balanced diet is necessary : make sure to add vegetables,fruits, and proteins to your plate. Focus on food that give you energy rather than fast food. Get your vitamins and check that your body is receiving the care it needs.

Get Rid of your scale and unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself 

Stop checking the numbers on your scale,they dont indicate how healthy your body is. Distnace yourself from people how complain on their bodies and speak negatively on their looks.unfollow people on social media who make you feel bad about yourself!

Learn to listen to and understand your body 

Participate in activities that improve your body image, such as sports, pilates, yoga, and meditation. Stand in front of the mirror for five minutes and observe every part of your body, understanding its functions in keeping you alive. It is simpler to love your body after getting to know it.



Sometimes its hard to do things on our own,asking for help is absolutely fine. Therapy can allow us to understand our feelings more and how to cope with them .It doesn’t make us weaker or any less sane in fact it proves us that we are aware of our problems and we are capable to handle them.

Make it a priority to embrace your body more in summer.Enjoy this time of year and feel comfortable and confident in your own skin and body. All Bodies are summer bodies 

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