Lina Sophia’s Starter Pack: A Glimpse into Her Everyday Essentials

Capturing everyone’s attention,Lina Sophia has quickly risen to fame and proven herself as one of the most talented teenage actresses in recent years. With a wide range of unique and varied roles, she has consistently expressed her talent in both television and film projects.

Throughout her career, Lina has shared the screen with Egypt’s renowned actors, such as Khaled El Nabawy, Dina El Sherbiny, and Injy El Mokkaddem.

Lina Sophia

When it comes to daily activities and filming, there are specific items that are crucial for us to navigate through the day, such as our phones, essential clothing pieces, and occasionally even the presence of certain people. We spoke with Lina to discover the 10 things she considers necessary in her everyday life.


I love music so much and a day can’t go by without me listening to music


We live in a generation where you can’t go out without your phone. I also love taking pictures.

Skincare Products

I’m a teenager, so my skin breaks out a lot. and I also enjoy doing skincare; it’s very relaxing.


The sun here in Egypt is so intense, and I have very sensitive eyes. So I always need my sunglasses.

A Book

In our present generation, reading has become a total obsession for so many of us. Even with all the digital distractions, there’s just something special about flipping through the pages of a good book. It sparks our creativity and imagination like nothing else, so it’s no wonder that reading is one of Lina’s hobbies 

I love reading so much and when i’m bored i just always have to have a book with me

Lina is currently reading Twisted Games by Ana Huang!

My Mom

My mom is everything to me. I can’t spend more than twenty-four hours without spending time with her, calling or even seeing her


Any Type Of Jewelry

I could be wearing a normal outfit, but jewelry just takes the look to another level. It makes every outfit so much better.


I always have a pack of gum in my bag for no specific reason, but I love it, and I also like giving it to people.

Talking To My Family

A day can’t go by without me talking to my family.

In her recent movie “Hassan El-Masary,” Lina stunned audiences with her heartfelt and captivating performance. We’re thrilled to see Lina’s ongoing development and accomplishments in her career, eagerly anticipating more of her exceptional work.

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