Kamel El Adad’s Young Actors: 7 New Stars On The Rise!

During the holy month of Ramadan, many friends and families bond over watching the exclusive ramadan television shows together and keeping up with the young new talents that they feature. This year, “Kamel El Adad” is the show to watch as it offers comedic relief while featuring 7 child actors in reoccurring roles that they all perform splendidly. 

Jessica Hosam El Din

Out of all of the young stars on this show, Jessica truly stands out while portraying the villain child, Amina in the series. When she is not acting in one of the many shows she has been featured in such as “El Ekhteyar” and “Leh La’a,” she can be seen pursuing one of her other talents such as dancing. At the startling age of 13, this young starlet has truly done it all! Jessica’s tiktok page is our main source of behind the scenes content of all of these young talents as she posts videos from each day of shooting after the corresponding episode has been released to keep as all excited and anticipating more. 

Hamza Diab

Although there isn’t too much out there about Hamza, he seems to have developed a true and heartwarming friendship with the rest of the cast, especially with his co star and TV sister; Amina , which has been made apparent by multiple tiktoks posted on Jessica’s tiktok page. This is the first television production he has ever been featured in but hopefully, not the last.

Celia Mohammed


From ballet to singing, Celia Mohammed is truly a multitalented kid with drive and ambition. Although she has only just turned 7 years old, she has been featured in advertisements and has joined numerous competitions such as the “Egypt Little King & Queen” where she was granted “The Ambassador 2022” title. In the show, Celia and Jessica’s characters have an ongoing feud but in real life they couldn’t be closer as can we can all see in Jessica’s tiktoks. In spite of the fact that she is the youngest of the group, little Celia has accomplished so much already and we cannot wait to see what else she has coming up. 

Malek Emad

Regardless of the fact that details about his personal life such as his age are not revealed online to the public, young actor Malek emad has been featured in many movies, with the most famous movies of them all being “Khayal Maata” and “Aaz El Weld.” He is also featured in multiple of Jessica’s tiktoks and some of Lina’s too. His social media is flooded with pictures of a younger him with local celebrities that he has worked with or met randomly like Ahmed Mekky and the late Samir Ghanem. 

Yossef Basem and Younes Basem

Our favorite little heathens on the show actually seem to be extremely calm and adorable up close. While there isn’t much about them on social media or the internet, this seems to be their first time on the big screen and hopefully not their last, as they truly have a way of charming us all.

Lina Sophia Ben Hamman 

This actress is seemingly the oldest of the bunch having just turned 15 a few days ago. Lina seems to enjoy multiple interests apart from acting such as modeling, singing as well as dancing. This starlet has been in numerous TV productions such as “Qawa’ed Al Talk Al 45” and many more. She is also an avid horse lover which has been made obvious by her posts on her social media accounts. Her tiktok account is flooded with behind-the-scenes clips of the show where she appears alongside her fellow cast mates, including the stars of the show Dina El Sherbiny and Sherif Salama. 

The success of the show this Ramadan truly portrays just how talented all of these actors and actresses are. And all of the behind the scenes content we have been able to gather aids us in believing that they have all become one family, similarly to how they are presented in the show . Despite the fact that most of these actors are still at the starting point of their careers, we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us!

Below are the links to some behind-the-scenes content!!

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