5 Great Non-Profit Organizations If You Want to Do Good This Ramadan

With the holy month upon us, a core part of Ramadan is the act of sadaqah. Literally meaning
“voluntary charity”, sadaqah is a way to share your blessings with others. In this list are many
non-profit organizations you can donate to, and you’d like to contribute year round, feel free to
do so.

Egyptian Food Bank

The EFB collects food donations and distributes them to families in need across Egypt. They
utilize donations in many ways, giving out iftar meals, providing pregnant mothers/new mothers
with food, and giving families monthly food necessities. You can learn more on their website,
efb.eg. They are one of the most trustworthy organizations.

Resala Charity Organization

What once started as a youth movement at Cairo University is now a huge organization with over
60 branches all over Egypt. Resala’s activities include caring for orphans, offering medical help,
free learning, and caring for the blind and deaf. They’re also doing multiple things to help people
out during Ramadan that are listed on their website, resala.org.

Misr El Kheir Foundation

Misr El Kheir is one of the charity organizations that aims to improve the living conditions of
underprivileged communities in Egypt. During Ramadan, they provide food baskets and iftar
meals to families in need. Their website is mekeg.org/home

Red Crescent Society

Available all over the MENA region, the Red Crescent society offers relief and assistance to
people affected by natural disasters and armed conflicts. The website for the Egyptian division is

Karam Society

The Karam Society is another non profit that works to improve the lives of people affected by
conflict in Syria and the MENA region through education, innovation, and community-driven
aid. You can check them out at https://www.karamfoundation.org/.

All these organizations are non-profits, meaning they don’t make any money from their
operations. It’s important to choose an organization that is passionate about its cause, and all of
the ones included in this list are just that. If you also feel the need to make personal changes and incorporate great religious habits we have got your back! Ramadan Kareem, everyone!

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