6 of the Best Arab Booktokers You Should Follow

BookTokers they are community on TikTok, has become a popular platform for sharing book recommendations, reviews, and discussions. In recent years, the Arab booktoker community has grown, with many content creators sharing their love for books and promoting diverse and inclusive reading. Here are 6 Arab booktokers you can check out:



Areej’s TikTok account, is a treasure trove for book lovers. Her content is centered around books, from book reviews to recommendations and everything in between. With over 51k followers and 677k likes on her videos. she is a Kuwaiti booktoker “Arab booktokers” . Along with being a teacher, she also has a podcast and a channel on YouTube called TASAOLAAT. She has inspired countless viewers to pick up a book, whether they ‘ve experienced readers or just starting out.


@abuelkheir’s TikTok account is filled with book reviews, where he shares his thoughts and opinions on a wide range of books. He also has a series specialized to discussing the Ma Wara Al Tabia book series, a popular collection of Arabic-language books about a group of friends navigating life in Egypt. Through his reviews and discussions, @abuelkheir encourages his followers to broaden their literary horizons and explore new genres and authors.

But @abuelkheir’s content is not just limited to book reviews. He also has a series dedicated to reading tips, where he shares advice on how to develop good reading habits and get the most out of your reading experience. In addition, he has a series about books related to Palestine, a topic that is close to his heart. He also has a YouTube channel called Abu Elkheir where he discusses books.

With 241k likes and 36k followers, @abuelkheir has built a dedicated community of book lovers on TikTok.


This account is run by Shahd, a young woman with a passion for reading and sharing her love for books with others. she is Egyptian booktoker mainly for English books. With over 13k followers and 253k of likes on her videos she started my account exactly on 18th July 2022.

She decided to start my own booktok account. At First she didn’t have a certain idea about my content it was just gonna be about books at that’s all she did. Until she started reviewing and recommending books that’s when she noticed she was getting more viral.

She has started reading at the age of 12 because of her classmates who were already into reading and she was curious about what it feels like to read. It didn’t click right then it took her years to find herself in reading and forget about the world. Shahd covers a wide range of genres and authors, including writers from diverse backgrounds. This approach helps to expose her followers to new books and perspectives they may not have encountered otherwise.


Emma, also known as @pcrsephone on TikTok, is a rising Arab booktoker with a growing following of over 75k and over 674k likes. Her TikTok account primarily focuses on book reviews, literary analysis, and recommendations. Emma’s content stands out for her unique perspective as an Arab book lover and her series of videos about the books that Rory Gilmore read.

In Emma’s videos, she often shares her thoughts and opinions on books from different genres, including classics, contemporary, and non-fiction. Her reviews are honest, insightful, and nuanced. She does not shy away from critiquing books that she finds problematic or disappointing, but she also highlights the positive aspects of books that she enjoys. Emma’s videos are not only entertaining but also informative and helpful for people looking for new books to read.


Lulureadss is a prominent BookToker hailing from Qatar who has made a significant impact on the social media platform. With her passion for reading and love for literature, Lulureadss has amassed a large following on TikTok, where she shares her insights and reviews on various books ,With 1.6M likes and 20.6K followers.

Lulureadss has a diverse taste in literature, ranging from contemporary fiction to classic literature.


Mohnafy, the Egyptian BookToker with a growing following on TikTok, is bringing the love of literature to the masses through his creative and engaging videos. With over 20.4k followers and 228k likes.

Mohnafy’s content on TikTok is unique and refreshing, as he focuses on introducing viewers to different books and authors. his audience includes people of all ages, from young children to adults, and her content has inspired many to pick up a book and start reading.

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