Amira Adeeb: One Of The Decade’s Most Influential Women

Amira Adeeb, actress and content creator, has recently become the face of Maybelline, becoming the only Egyptian besides 2 middle eastern women to receive that position.

From creating youtube videos and reels to starring in several shows, Amira was able to attract a huge fanbase with her enthusiastic personality that we couldn’t help but fall in love with.

Amira Adeeb

Along with being an outstanding content creator, Amria is also an excellent business owner. She founded her clothing company shopamiraadeeb back in 2020. Due to its distinctive design, her name became well-known in the area, and within just a few hours of release, her collection would sell out. Additionally, she began collaborating with various companies, including XHBT Shop for her planner and her most recent game with Ma Wara2 el 3ady with 2oolameme

With her talent and energy, Amira is becoming one of the generation’s most successful and influential women. Here are a few reasons why Amira Adeeb is the ultimate role model.

Paving her way through the industry as an emerging actress

Despite coming from a well-known media family, Amira has worked harder than anyone to break into the field of acting. She got her start in school, majoring in cinema and media and enrolling in several acting classes. It was in the 2021 Ramadan series ” ولاد الناس ” that she made her acting debut and played Zein, one of her first roles.

Following her success, Amira began appearing in various shows, including ” نقل عام” and “مين قال ” which were among the best series of the previous Ramadan season due to their massive impact on teens.

Tea Talks With Miro

Being Egyptian means having some weird connection with tea and gossip. It just runs in our blood I guess and what’s better than watching your favorite celebrity spilling tea?

Amira started this series back in December 2020, it was all about being real and honest. She spoke on various topics including self-love, and the law of attraction, and answered fans’ questions. Amira managed to make the episodes fun and short, making each episode almost 15 minutes. Sadly, the series ended last year in July 2023 but with each ending comes a new beginning right?


Even though Amira hasn’t starred in any show this Ramadan season, she surprised us with the release of her series Mat-Yalla on youtube a few days before Ramadan. It’s one episode a week till the end of Ramadan filled with adventurous experiences. So let me tell you a little bit about the episodes released.

In the first episode, Amira looks for someone to match her spirit meter and starts with finding an uber driver to Jump from an airplane. sounds crazy right? And let me tell you someone did agree with that Idea. The episode was lighthearted, fun, and beautiful in all aspects.

Coming to the second episode, my personal favorite, amira decided to create a pop-up restaurant and invite 4 random followers and some strangers in less than 24 hours. Contacting food bloggers, event planners, and entertainment experts, amira did pull this one. The setup was incredible and the episode as a whole was filled with so much energy and love.

Go Check them out!

Fashion and Clothing Lines

If you follow amira on TikTok, you must have stumbled across one of her “styling ugly clothes” videos. She purchases unique pieces from around the world and styles them into beautiful outfits. She proves to us that we beautify clothes and make them look good, not otherwise.

Having an excellent fashion sense entitles you to establish an original clothing brand. The reviews of Amira’s first three collections have shown how successful the brand is. from offering flawless quality, quick shipping, and a unique style. Fans have loved every piece. Owning a small business is challenging, but selling out three collections in the first 24 hours takes some incredible talent.

There are a lot of other reasons why Amira is one of our favorites; the way she connects with her fanbase and the things she has done to bring people together are just a couple. She proves to us the value of social media when it is used for positive uses. We can’t wait to see what the world has in store for her.

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