Exclusive: Lina Sophia spills all the tea on her college dreams, her rock, and her ideal casting day.

Lina Sophia, a rising star who caught the public’s attention with her unquestionable acting talent, tunes down our curiosity by answering some of your most awaited questions! From taking up simple roles to being a main part of the cast, Lina has made her way quickly up the hierarchy, but how and when did she do that?

Scroll down to read the juicy deets of Lina’s ideal casting day and much more!

Round one: Quick Fire Questions

Uthhub: What makes ‘Lina Sophia’ Lina Sophia?

Lina Sophia: My origins & my culture: the fact that I am Moroccan, French, and Egyptian. These countries are incredibly artistic, which explains why I was born ‘artistic’.

UH: Who are you as a color?

LS: Red as it is the color of love, blood and freedom. That color is within all of my origins’ flags!

UH: What is your favorite movie to watch once you’re down?

LS: Avengers: Infinity war

UH: Worst movie ever (no offense)

LS: Oh, seriously, I feel like there’s no ‘worst’ movie. Every movie possesses something special, which I always search for because I know how exhausting it can get producing that movie or any cinematographic work, so I don’t have a ‘least’ favorite one.

UH: If you were a beverage, what would you be?

LS: Milk tea!

UH: Who’s your rock?

LS: My mom!

UH: Favourite song?

LS: At the moment, I’m not sure but Reminder by the Weeknd!

UH: Favourite musician?

LS: My top 4 would be Fairuz, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande & Sza!

UH: Favourite actor/actress to work with?

LS: I seriously don’t have a ‘favorite’! I think I’m quite lucky that I have worked with brilliant actors and artists, so I have a favorite in each project – I can’t quite pick.

UH: Fill in the blank: acting is…

LS: therapeutic!

Round two Fame, Career and Family

UH: How did your family support your career?

LS: In every way possible! Firstly, my dad encourages and fully supports me in becoming educated and cultured because who am I if I’m not educated? My mom escorts me everywhere and helps me always, so I’ll always be eternally grateful for my family! Can’t forget my brother, who supports me in every way too.

UH: What would you change about your career? Why?

LS: Nothing…honestly! I regret nothing: everything I do (good or bad) makes me me.

UH: How does your career affect your life?

LS: It doesn’t affect my life in a particularly negative way, but; for example, there are my close friends’ birthdays which I cannot attend as I have filming.

UH: What are your college life plans?

LS: About a year or a couple of months ago, I wanted to study psychology since I have worked on قواعد الطلاق ال 45 (The 45 Rules of Divorce) with Ingy El Mokadem and Ingi Abou Zeid who both previously studied psychology and explained how it helps with acting. You graduate with a respected diploma. At the same time, I have also thought about film production but I’m not quite sure – my mind is everywhere!

UH: Do you want to pursue acting as your main career goal?

LS: My personality is constantly changing – almost every 6 months my personality alters! My passion for acting has existed for 10 or more years and I’m going strong. I love it and that’s what I want to do! But if my passion changes direction to something that makes me happier, then I’ll change. What makes me happy is what I am going to do.

UH: How do you see yourself in 10 years?

LS: Hopefully, making my family and the people that I love proud!

UH: How do you manage your social life, academic life and career?

LS: As I previously said, my school is very understanding that I act and when I return from work, they deliver all the content. I try to study and absorb as much as I can to get the best marks I could obtain. Sometimes, however, I get lazy (like a normal person) which causes me to get poor grades but it’s okay!

There was a time when I wanted to be as social as ever with countless friends, yet soon, I realised that it was something terrible. You can’t keep up with everything and everyone, which is why I decided to keep my circle small with only my close friends. Though I get along with everyone, I only have a small number of people who are truly close to me!

UH: Do you feel like you’re missing out on anything by having a career so early?

LS: I believe I’m missing out on birthdays and seeing my friends! I wouldn’t change my career for the world though.

UH: What is your ideal casting day?

LS: I love those casting days when the film director is there, so I can talk and understand the character on a deeper level before I audition. That explains why all the auditions where the film director was there, I got the role!

UH: Describe your perfect day off work and school!

LS: Waking up early and having breakfast with my family! Then, playing some sports, and after that, I study for a while. I’d finish off my day by going to the cinema with my friends – that is always how the perfect days end.

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