Unsure of which upcoming movies to watch? Here are 4 movies to keep an eye out for!

Unsure of which Eid movie you should watch? you really shouldn’t be! keep on reading, pretty sure we’ve got some solid options.

Saa’et Egaba

Days after the release of the official trailer, which exceeded two million views on social media, Lagoonie Film Production and Rise Studios launched the official poster for the movie “Saa’et Egaba”, which includes a large group of stars with the child Selim Mostafa, so what is the secret of all of them rallying around him? This is what will be revealed by the events of the film, which is scheduled to be released on Eid Al-Fitr in all theaters.

Akhy Foo’ Alshagara

In this movie, Alaa is an introverted young man who lives a healthy and organized life. His life turns upside down when his twin brother whom he never knew existed, Bahaa, Alaa’s complete opposite on all levels, barges into his life. The film stars Ramez Jalal, Nisreen Tafesh, Mohamed Tharwat, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, and Tara Imad. It is directed by Mahmoud Karim and written by Louay Al-Sayyed

Ibn al-Hajj Ahmed

Starring Chico, Sayed Ragab, Rahma Ahmed, Mostafa Gharib, Aida Riyad, the youth actor Munther Mahran, and others. “Ibn al-Hajj Ahmed” is the idea of ​​the spectacular Amr Salama, executed with a script and screenwriting by Muhammad Mohammadi and Ahmed Mohi, and its events take place in a social comedic framework, and Chico appears during the events with the character of a grocer who works with his father, Sayed Ragab, and the film brings them together in many comedic situations.

Etneen Lel Egaar

As the unemployed Safiha and Hamada are looking for a suitable job opportunity to earn a living, they decide to offer themselves for rent to whoever pays them to meet his demands as a means of making money. The film stars Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Tharwat, Rania Youssef, Mirhan Hussein, Tharaa Goubail, and Essad Younes, It was written by Asmaa Ghazy and directed by Shadi Ali.

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