My ultimate healthy snack ideas

This is what I like to have when I’m not feeling too hungry, however, I still want to eat. Instead of using up all my calories munching on chips or chocolate, I prefer making these super quick and easy snacks that satisfy me just as much: 

1.Banana bites dipped in peanut butter and dark chocolate. This recipe tastes sweet and savory and is one of my favorites. Dip your banana slices in peanut butter, freeze them for 20 minutes, then repeat with dark chocolate. 

2. Apple chips. Cut an apple into very thin slices and air fry for 10 minutes. Dip in peanut butter or chocolate for extra sweetness. 

3.Date energy bites. Blend as many dates as you want with some nuts and water. Roll into small balls and freeze for 20 minutes. After freezing you can eat it from there. Or dip in any chocolate and freeze again for another 20 minutes! 

4.Avocado dessert. Blend an avocado with a splash of milk, honey, and some ice. This has an amazing consistency and tastes delicious. 

5.Last but not least, a small yogurt bowl. Grab your favorite yogurt and top it with any fruits, nuts, and honey. This is so easy and super filling! 

Forget the unhealthy snacks, snack healthy

Written by: Sara Ayoub

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