A DAY IN A LIFE OF: a producer

My day usually starts by getting a deal with the business that I’ll create the ad or the promotional/marketing video for. In order the deal, I first contact a company, it can be any company all the way from a hotel to medicine companies, since literally, all companies need ads, give them the portfolio which contains, the young productions CV, all the videos, links, videographers, cinematographers, photographers and the creative directing team(who are responsible for the ideas for the ad) and get them to trust us first, as we’re young productions so there’s kind of lack of trust. We do that by offering them an incomplete version of an idea for an ad/ script for a video, or a storyboard, depending on what they ask for, which then grabs their attention and gets them interested. This is all before the meeting. Once we attend the meeting, it means that they’re in and willing to work with us, I (the producer) start introducing them to the rest of the cremates they’ll work with so that they know how qualified the team is and how great their work will turn out, without having to either be older than 21 years old or being already well known. So, after they get to know the crew, we give them the budget for the ad and start creating and just overall managing the production!

just like regular, big ads, only with half or quarter of the budget, which is what makes my offers special, is that I serve high quality, with a low budget, while also helping out with the contracts, operations or even logistics. Then as a producer, I start making sure that the equipment is there and the people are there. Then I meet the people I’m working with and show them the ideas/storyboards and research into how we can improve them! After that, we start working on our storyboard. There is a document called shoot list which states which camera gets which shoot. We usually take a minimum of 3.5 hours to a maximum rate of 7 hours, and if it’s longer then we take extra fees. It’s then the ad day, everyone has to work in peace at a fast pace and know their role and guide everyone into doing their job. I then observe their work and make sure everyone’s on track, eliminating messing around so that we can get a good 6 hours focusing on just the ad, obviously ensuring proper procedures due to covid. After the ad, the crew and I have a feedback session and discuss what could’ve been improved, eliminated, or even added. I also ask the client if the team was respectful of them and if they cleaned up their mess, and so on. If there’s anything the client wants to fix or change, we do so and the first change up is without extra charges but starting from the second change ups, we start adding fees, then hand in the video, and receive feedback about the final product. I once had a client that wanted changes 18 times and I delivered the 18 times, which isn’t usually done in our industry. As a producer, I have to take care of the equipment, people’s salaries, social media, graphic designing, scriptwriting and everything in between

Written by: Malak El Dawy

Featuring: Youssof Tarek

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