A day in a life of: a food enthusiast

An Assistant Category Manager at a leading foods brands across the nation as well as an assistant coach

at TFG by day and a foodstagramer by night.

Meet Yasmine, a health enthusiast blessed; cursed with taste buds that love all food. And this is

what a day in the life looks like for her. At around 5:30 am is when Yasmine gets going, she gets ready

and grabs her food that’ll last her for the day; prepping her meals ahead so she could always have a

healthy and on-site snack whenever she feels hungry. Anytime between 6:30 to 6:40am is when Yasmine would typically arrive at TFG with her Fiancé. Where she attends the session that begins at 7am and then carries on with her own workout plan that extends from 8-ish am till around 9:30 am.

Afterward, her and her fiancé take off to a spot where they both can carry out with their work but can

remain close to one another. Come 6pm is when Yasmine finally disconnects from her work and allows

herself to indulge in the food she prepared. After having eaten, Yasmine takes the time to chill for a little whilst sipping on a cup of tea or chai latte. Yasmine wraps up her day at that and goes home to be in bed by 10 pm “11pm is the latest I’d ever go to bed,”.

Written by: Mia Malak

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