Introducing Kooz: 2oolameme‘s Latest App Release!

2oolameme are bringing the fun back to our phones

No matter where you are, 2oolameme has something special in store for everyone, from board games and game cafes to an app exclusive to all of their games. Yes,you heard correctly! 2oolameme has just recently introduced Kooz,an online app available on both IOS and Android. It’s jam-packed with games that you can play with your friends and family on any of your outings.


In less than 24 hours, the app quickly climbed the charts and has been making a big splash in the Egyptian app store rankings with currently being number 1.

Currently,the app provides users with a unique Egyptian-themed spy game with various arab locations. Excitingly,three additional games are set to be released soon : قول أو إعمل ، صراع النجوم ،كلام فاضي. It’s worth mentioning that the app is free to download and can be enjoyed even without an internet connection. 

Their very own spy game, known as “ميم بيقول الحق,” can be enjoyed by more than 5 players and offers a selection of 8 different themes. You have the freedom to customize the game by choosing the duration and deciding whether or not to assign specific roles for answering questions. By clicking on the card assigned to your name, you will receive a word and then pass the phone to your friends. One of them will be secretly assigned as the spy, and that’s when the fun begins. Start interrogating everyone until you catch the spy.

What are you waiting for? Download the game now and start playing with your friends and family.Make sure to have an amazing time!

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