Exploring Greta Gerwig’s 3 Written and Directed Masterpieces

Movies Directed By Greta Gerwig we absolutely Love!

The best coming out of age experience a girl can have is often connected with the art of movies.Each person has their own preferred genre or filmmaker that brings them comfort and closure when it comes to film. For me,as I ventured through the rollercoaster ride of adolescence, there was always something common in the films I revisited during moments of stress: the beautification touches of Greta Gerwig in movies. 

In every video I’ve watched of Greta directing, her immense passion and love for what she does were enough to make the audience strongly connect to or deeply love her characters.Over time, the movies she wrote, directed, or even acted in as an actress gained a special interest to viewers.

Greta initially gained recognition as an actress, starring in famous films like “No Strings Attached,” “Maggie’s Plan,” “Jackie,” and “Frances Ha.”.In 2008, Greta began her writing journey. She wrote, co-directed, and acted in the film “Nights and Weekends.”

Greta Gerwig

However,there were three film that Greta directed independently and were highly praised by her audiences 

Lady Bird 

Greta Gerwig made her solo directorial debut in Lady Bird, a film that featured Saiorse Ronan and Timothee Chalamet. The screenplay, which was originally influenced by her own experiences growing up in Sacramento, California, was written by Greta herself. Greta Received an Oscar nomination for her outstanding work as a female director in this movie.

Lady Bird walks you through the harshness of being young and misunderstood . It delves into the pain and confusion us young adolescents go through when embarking upon a new journey and the struggles of balancing things out. Throughout the film, we witness how love and culture have a huge impact on Lady Bird and the choices she makes.

Greta’s screenplay shines a spotlight on several issues, mainly the complex relationship between the main character, Lady Bird, and her mother and the youth’s desire to chase love and affection even in its miserable forms.

Little Women 

Based on the novel of Louisa May Alcott,Little women centers on the life of the march sisters as they head into womanhood and are sent away by societal obligations and challenges. The story captures the heavy transition one goes through from childhood to adulthood and the yearning to experience life and love in all of its manifestations.

The march girls,while being all raised in the same household,grew up to want things and dream so much differently from each others.Throughout their journey, they were taught to express their thoughts and emotions deeply through art,motherhood, and poetry.

“ when I was reading it again I was like , oh my god.Amy’s so much better than i’d ever given her credit for and it made me realize too : what an interesting diagnosis of our culture that the character who says most clearly what she wants is the one we hated for so long”

Greta Gerwig


Yes, this year’s most highly anticipated movie was directed by the genius mind of Greta gerwig.Even before its release, the world caught a glimpse of its beauty, and in just a short time after hitting theaters, it BROKE records, becoming the highest-grossing domestic box for a female director.

Barbie went beyond the realm of dolls and fashion, it is about our path to womanhood, how to love ourselves as women despite our insecurities and flaws. It’s a love letter to both us and the women who came before. A quick reminder to fall in love back with our girlhood. Greta fearlessly explored the realities of patriarchy and feminism, shedding light on the struggles women face in a society that confines them.

Greta has been announced as the director for the film adaptation of “ The Chronicles Of Narnia.” While specific information regarding the filming process or release date is currently unknown there is great excitement and curiosity about what Greta will bring the project

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