Egg Freezing: Everything You Need To Know About The New It Info.

Egg freezing has become the new it info women are learning about their bodies via the big sister girlies on the internet, but what is there to learn? Is egg freezing a choice to seriously consider?


What is it?

Let’s start with the basics. What is egg freezing? Put simply, egg freezing is a way to ensure you maintain a possibility of becoming pregnant in the future, when your chances of naturally conceiving are not as high. This can be because of you wanting to put your career first, wanting to live your life, unsure of the decision of having children or waiting for the perfect. Whatever reason it is, it is a route many women now find themselves on.


However, the process is not as easy nor as affordable as western medicine would have us believe, in fact, it is quite a long, expensive -averaging anywhere from $8000 to $20,000- and for some excruciating process, with success rates as low as 30% & high as 60%. 


The procedure itself is also not as free of a risk as it is marketed to be. In reality, there are several threats that await a woman who chooses to embark on this exciting and life-changing journey. For starters, the fertility drug side effects can kick your body into high gear and leave you feeling generally unwell with many symptoms mimicking those of pregnancy. Another, is the risk of procedure complication in of itself, any surgical procedure comes at a risk of infection and subsequent complication & egg freezing is no exception. The emotional turmoil is ,as aforementioned, also exceptionally difficult to maneuver, causing depression or deep sadness. 


How does the process actually work though? 

First, tests and screenings are conducted to determine the quality of the eggs, not every egg is a viable egg!! Then a process known as ovarian stimulation occurs in which egg production is medically induced such that more eggs are attained. Next comes egg retrieval, this is when the eggs are…well, retrieved! The procedure is, unlike common belief, not surgical, in the sense that no incisions are made! Lastly, cryopreservation. This is when the eggs are stored for later use. 

Most of all before undertaking any of these procedures, make sure you do your research!!  

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