How To Make The Most Out of Your Summer

The “it girl” phenomenon has swept the internet over the past few months, with an aesthetic of being constantly productive, timely and healthy and a need to transform oneself into an “it girl” during the summer has grown impeccably. 

And whilst it’s important to recognize that a trend can simply exist for the simple reason of entertaining others and enjoying a challenge of sorts, it’s equally important that we recognize when such trends become harmful. 

The it-girl concept has closely woven itself into how to make the best out of your summer vacation. An illusion perpetuated that unless you took part in certain activities your efforts weren’t taken into account. But where’s the fun in that? It seems that over time, different trends under different names and disguises take over the internet and dictate our actions and try to tell the tale of how one can achieve happiness, but oftentimes having very drastically different outcomes. One example of that is the 75 hard challenge that has also been recently regaining its traction. 

The bottom line is that there shouldn’t be guidelines that tell you how you ought to become a specific person. Only you can figure that out for yourself. Instead of scrutinizing yourself on why you can’t wake up at 5 am like the it-girls do or why you can’t workout twice a day like the 75 hard-people do, ask yourself, do you enjoy waking up at 5 am? Is working out twice a day for 45 minutes each healthy for you? 

It’s important that we question the content given to us and take everything we consume online with a grain of salt. 

Instead, here’s the modified guide on how to make the most out of your summer:

  1. Figure out what activities you enjoy doing; be that reading, working out, watching movies, seeing friends.
  2. Figure out the time in which you can partake in each activity such that you don’t jeopardize your summer; for instance, if you enjoy staying indoors and watching some Netflix, that’s okay, carve out the space for that in your day, but make sure you go outside for some time. Make sure you take on other activities.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to make the most out of your summer, of course it’s equally necessary to make space for things you don’t necessarily love or would take a bullet for while doing, such as working out for some people or reading for others, but it’s important that you incorporate these things into your summer, such that you can come out with a new and improved you. 

And keep in mind that when you do these activities that you don’t necessarily love, that they aren’t there for you to stay tortured. Exercise isn’t a means for you to hate your body, but rather to celebrate it and what it can do. Reading doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to read academic essays to be considered a reader, simply find a genre that appeals to you, and that notion should carry on with you throughout this summer and beyond. Doing things with intent, that is. Doing things mindfully, because they serve your higher purpose, not because they appeal to the general public or otherwise. 

That being said, it’s fun to do things just for the heck of the aesthetic from time-to-time 😉

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