10 Euphoria Quotes That Shall Live on Forever

Let us take a moment to honour the passing of everyone’s favourite character – in real life and on Euphoria. Angus Cloud, who played Fezco on the show ‘Euphoria’, brought nothing but an ambience of peace and light wherever he went – and even though he’s gone, his light and peace remain to live on. Today, I will be honouring Angus and Fezco by starting off this sentimental piece with the most impactful words they spoke.

So … No, the quotes I am about to show you are not discussing the drugs, abuse or sexual concepts explored in Euphoria. If anything, they are elements of a greater picture being portrayed. First things first, let’s get one thing straight: teenagehood is unarguably either one of the best stages of your life or a pandemonium from hell and what euphoria did was depict them both precisely (divinely too).

He Said It & Did It.

‘Everybody gets their feelings hurt. Some people need to get their feelings hurt sometimes. Indeed, getting your feelings hurt is always a remarkable opportunity to grow – let alone learn a lesson. Angus imbued a deep scar in everyone’s heart after parting and maybe it’s time to understand that he had a purpose to fulfil. As we all cope with the tumultuous grief, we also need to remember those words he once articulated from Euphoria right through our souls. This is a time for everyone to learn to love and trust the universe’s process.

Learn To Trust The Poetry.

Coming from the most insightful character on Euphoria, Ali is encouraging us to birth the poets nurtured within us. Poets have a way of finding a new perspective that romanticises the mediocre and even the ugly, which is precisely what Ali is urging those who struggle to give it a try. It’s somehow like a window outlooking a divine scenery: if your window is not clean, then you will never get to appreciate the scenery. If your mind and outlook towards life are not poet-like, then you will fail at appreciating those ethereal things about life.

Maddy’s Pep Talk

Though the theme of the show is entirely based on the trials and tribulations of teenagehood, this quote applies across all phases of your life. Confidence is what truly renders one powerful and Maddy was the perfect epitome of confidence. Not ego, but purely strong self-esteem. Besides looking absolutely ethereal, her confidence is exactly why whoever watched the show adored her. If you truly master the art of confidence and self-love, you have eradicated an excruciating array of torments that could easily dominate your life – not just teenagehood.

So Who Are You?

What you are as a person is who you choose to be. As Rue once told us, there is no particular ‘map’ or ‘compass’ to define that. Every action you take is a choice and so is ‘to be’. You don’t force it either; it happens naturally at a turning point. So whether you are a good or a bad person, there always is a choice to take – the same way Rue chose to outgrow her past and chose to embrace a tad of ‘Euphoria’ in her life 🙂

Choosing Yourself.


Forcing yourself to feel worse is perchance the most tormenting way of self-punishment and that is unfair to you. Let us all agree that you probably have this irrevocable urge to follow the societal and family ethics you were brought up on, which is fine. What is, however, not fine is letting these unrealistic standards control how you feel – particularly when it’s for the worse. By way of illustration, if you have 2 options (one of them being the ‘right thing to do’ and the other being ‘what makes me feel better’), always choose what will make you feel at peace.

That Scene.

That scene from Euphoria portrays love from a totally realistic yet powerful lens. ‘Love is a million things. Sometimes it feels good and sometimes it doesn’t‘ is perhaps the only quote that allows you to understand how love is not all hunky-dory. Love means sacrifice – kind of the same way Maddy sacrifices her happiness, peace and care all while standing against her family just for the guy she loves. Although it is incredibly powerful to witness and live through, I am not promoting that. If anything, we should learn from her what not to do ‘in the name of love’.

Cassie Being Real For Once

Now Cassie may be perhaps the most hated character after season 2, but definitely not the most shallow one on Euphoria! In high school, it’s somehow like that perfect dream you reminisce about as soon as you wake up to get sucked back into your reality. Usually, that stage before starting your life is unrealistically dreamy and when most people don’t accomplish those dreams, they usually like to immerse themselves in the time where they thought it was possible.

Rue’s Episode

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but Rue’s depressive episode gave us all that illuminating insight into the reality of depression. Maybe the last sentence is not one hundred per cent accurate, but it sure is how a clinically depressed perceives the world and not just in euphoria. That quote is an instance of one’s battles with their own thoughts and brain.

Self-Love Is Life-Love.

To love and relish the ambrosia of life, you must first learn to love and accept yourself. And from Euphoria, Jules was the most accurate representation of that particular quote. Her biggest problem was her self-perception, which made living life a problem. Accepting how you are as a person is the only satisfactory way of living – and that is one heck of a journey.

Love Remains To Conquer All!

Love is perchance the most abundant and powerful element that exists in our universe, but it isn’t necessarily always very ‘aesthetic’. Love can be unhealthy. Love can be abusive. Love can be depressing. While Nate was quite literally choking Maddy, all she thought about was the powerful love she had for him – love that is extremely mighty to the extent where violence and physical abuse was the least of her priorities.

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