5 AIs That Make Our Lives Easy and Fun

AIs are used in our daily lives; from the moment you unlock your phone using face ID, till the end of the day where you’re lying on the couch watching “Never Have I Ever “. Some of us might think that AI is only about robots and chatbots, but they don’t realize that we are surrounded by all forms of Artificial Intelligence. They’re there to make our lives easier and I think they are doing a very good job. But what are the best features of AI-based software?

Is your phone spying on you ?

Were you ever on the phone with one of your friends and mentioned something that you would like to buy, and the moment you hung up your whole social media feed was about that thing? I mean we’ve all been through that conversation where we thought our phones were spies. Let me ask you this, would you mind if your phone was spying on you to offer you the best ads and music recommendations that match your taste?

Search Algorithms

Smart search and recommendation algorithms are basically stalkers , they learn your behavior and track your online activity . They’re tools that offer you the best experience regarding your interests . For example , have you ever used the phrase ” let me google it “? Any search engine that you use on your daily life uses AI to show you the latest and most relatable content and info to what you’re looking for .

Social Media

Every social media app uses AI to enhance your experience. With Tik Tok for instance, the moment you liked that video on Korean noodles, you can consider yourself across the country. All of a sudden your whole FYP consists of Korean food and recipes, and did you see their vending machines, they’re quiet the catch.

In Ramadan, the whole feed is literally about food. Some of us have never watched anything related to food except during Ramadan! Social media holds great power and influence; major changes could happen anywhere just because of the power of social media. That’s why we should be aware of the content we like.

Announcing Cashless society !

When was your last online payment? Was it to purchase that pair of sneakers that you were dying to get or was it a ticket purchase to Cairokee’s concert? The use of E-payments is increasing widely. Some countries are actually on their way to becoming a “Cashless Society” where everything is paid only using E-payments, meaning they won’t have to carry cash around, just their credit cards.

However, with all of these online transactions, doesn’t this increase the space for fraud and data leakage? This is where AI steps in. It builds its fraud detection system. For example, you don’t use your credit card often and all of a sudden, a big transaction was made. Most of the time, these transactions are blocked as they’re considered as some kind of abnormal behaviour on your card.

It’s expected if all of a sudden cash wasn’t accepted, don’t you think it will be easier? Some of us won’t even feel the difference. Think about it: almost every subscription you have is paid online: Shahid, Netflix, Anghami. Every time you go shopping you have to have your card with you just in case you were going to buy a pair of pants and ended up buying a pair of many other things. Online shopping, courses, a simple get-together with your family or friends, even Ubers are E-paid. We can safely say that it is the future.

Hey Siri !

Digital assistants, the name comes from the job. It doesn’t matter if you’re team Siri or Google Assistant because let’s agree they both do the job and say awful jokes. Digital assistants are just an advanced type of artificial intelligence. Everything that a digital assistant can do, such as providing you with information, memorizing your name and your whole family’s birthdays, is because of the advancement of AI.

As much as some of us don’t rely on them at all, others do. They’re great help for someone who is in some sort of medical condition that makes it hard for them to use the phone. It is also a great help on a busy day where you can just yell “Call Suzan” from across the room while doing something else.

It’s POPCORN time !

Which one are you, the ” Stranger Things” fan or a “Friends” fan? Do you just like watching comforting and light shows, or the tense, thriller ones? Are you willing to stay committed to the same series for 8 straight seasons or are you the 10 episodes max type of person? All of these questions are asked by streamers like Shahid and Netflix except that they aren’t exactly asked, they’re collected automatically as data.

Everything you watch is taken into consideration when recommending new shows or movies for you to watch. Rating the movie or series you’ve just watched is a technique to enhance your experience. What you “add to your list ” is a major action to determine your taste. All of this is done because of AI, remember this the next time you’re picking something to watch from the recommended or most popular section 😉

AI is your best friend

Imagine this, you’re lost, you don’t know where you are or which exit to take, the first thing that comes to your mind is to open GPS. It directs you to where you wanna go. It shows you the shortest route, and the one with the least traffic. In one way or another AI cares about you. It tells you if there is any trigger warning, violence or any kind of unpleasant content before checking it out. Shows you the nearest coffee shops and the top-rated restaurants near your residence area. It even autocorrects your essays before sending them to your teacher.


I don’t think we can imagine our lives without AI, or a time when we didn’t use it daily. It is present in almost everything we do, making our lives easier without us even noticing. Even the tiniest things like Spotify making a playlist according to your taste and your most listened to music is helpful in its way, even if it’s for entertainment. To conclude, here is a question for all of you, what’s the AI that you can’t live without?

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