Shahid’s Leh Laa: Who Is Youssef Omar?

Youssef Omar, who grabbed the attention and got on the audience’s radar as a rising talent for his role as Sherbiny in the third part of the Shahid Orignal series LEH LAA?! – which currently sits at the top of the platform’s most viewed list is a young Egyptian actor who left quite a positive impression on audiences by embodying diverse personalities through prominent works.


Shahid’s Leh Laa Was Actually Not The Start!

Youssef first drew attention to his talent with a romantic-comedy performance as Tamer (Timo) ElBadry, who falls in love with his mother’s married friend – twenty years his elder – and begins an impossible relationship with her in Shahid’s SETAT BEIT AL-MAADI, the role earned Youssef a great deal of praise from critics who praised his acting and on-screen magnetism. In contrast, viewers of the Shahid show were drawn in by his charm and charisma.

Nasibi Wa Qesmetik Too!

Youssef also excelled in his romantic role as Murad in the fourth season of NASIBI WA QESMETIK, where Murad clings to his beloved, the girl next door, despite his parents’ rejection of her because of her father’s bad reputation on social media.

Youssef also starred in the role of Yassin, a computer engineer who designs an application for the blind to help them in their daily affairs in the social drama ELEILA DEE, and in Ramadan 2021, Youssef embodied the character of Tamara’s friend, who conspires with her against the girl she dislikes, opposite Jamila Awad, in Yousra’s HARB AHLEYA.

Just recently, in the Ramadan 2023 season, Youssef guest-starred as Rizk in the epic series EL KATEEBA 101 starring Amr Youssef, Asser Yassin, and a star-studded cast.

Youssef also starred in TV series such as RAHIM, KHEET HAREER, KHANAT EL YAK, and AGHLA MEN HAYATY alongside the Shahid Show Leh Laa.

Youssef’s passion for acting began as young as 12 years old with several minor theatre roles, and when he got older, Youssef studied acting professionally at the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts as well as the Academy of Arts, where he honed his talents.

Aside from that, this rising star’s schedule is packed for the remainder of 2023, with Youssef set to make his debut on the big screen in AWLAD HAREEM KAREEM opposite Mostafa Amar, Dalia El-Behery, Basma, and Ola Ghanem, and El HAREEFA alongside Nour El-Nabawy and Ahmed Ghozzi later in the year.

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