The power of social media !

Actually social media trends have become quite popular and frequent in the past few years , and their effects have become more and more clear and explicit on peoples’ ideas , actions and future plans.

And today we gonna explore some of the recent trends on the internet which gained too much popularity and had significant impacts on how people think about and respond to social media trends.

1- First of all the sports-related trends :

  • Almost all of us have watched the past couple of Egypt’s matches in World cup qualifications , and it has been quite clear that the performances of our team in the 2 matches were not up to the expected level which caused almost all the Egyptian football fans to support the idea of changing the head coach Hossam el badry and his assistants as soon as possible in order to keep our chances in qualifying to the next World cup which will be held in Qatar in 2022 , so this was a conspicuous example of the great power of the social media on diverse fields and careers.
  • The last Olympic games had both negative and positive impacts on the Egyptian participants according to their progress in the tournament and how the Egyptian fans receive their achievements or failures. For instance , Ferial Abdelaziz , Ahmed Elgendy , Hedaya Malak , Seif Eissa , Mohamed Ibrahim Elsayed and Giana Farouk who won gold , silver and bronze medals in different games gained numerous merits from their achievements either financial , social or even personal advantages such as being confident that their hard work will be appreciated by the Egyptian and even the international supporters which may cause them to continue working industriously and dedicate themselves for their work.
  • On the other hand , however, some of the participants suffered from the bad reviews of their performances , and most notably the football team which was met by a wave of criticizing on different means of media which led to sacking the head coach and his team.

2- This trend proved that watching movies is not only entertaining, but it might be also quite informative and of great avail for the watchers :

A new film was published in the cinemas last week known as “ “ماكو which embroils the whole story of the famous MV Salem Express boat which had a heartbreaking ending while carrying approximately 360 passengers travelling from Jeddah to the Egyptian port in Safaga. And apart from the wide publicity that the trailer of this movie has gained on the internet and caused the film to beat the Egyptian box office sales on the first day , as a total of 1.5 million Egyptian pounds was gained from the sales of the movie’s tickets , a myriad of people had gained a deeper insight into the real story of MV Salem Express and influenced many people read about it.

3- If you are keen about purchasing from online stores , this might be of paramount importance for you :

Online shopping or e-shopping ,as some people call , has become a daily practice for a vast number of people in the recent years , and one of the most visited and used online stores in Egypt ,, announced that it is relaunching as which is  also a quite well-known international online store , as it offers an ample amount of items belonging to a variety of categories at quite affordable prices ;thus, it was a quite fascinating announcement for the Egyptian society , and will allow more and more people to try the experience of online shopping with more enthusiasm.

4- This is one of the most crucial recent trends which led to various implications on peoples’ mindsets :

you have probably heard of the famous physiotherapist who was well-known especially among the actors and actresses , and insisted on publishing his videos while treating them , and they were quite interesting for many people. However , 2 days ago it has been publicized that this person is not a qualified doctor and he has forged a national ID to include that he is a physiotherapist. After these shocking news , some of the actors who had visits to this doctor made some interviews to reveal their bad experiences with this guy which led to severe health problems for them ;hence, a great proportion of people admitted that this incident conduced to various changes in their attitudes regarding the vast number of the appealing ideas that are proposed on the social media apps on daily bases.

So , it goes without saying that new actions happen each day and some of them might grab the attention of an array of people , but in order to be benefited from these trends people should be quite cautious about which ideas to follow and which actions to do to avoid any undesirable consequences.

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