Are women not safe anywhere?

This is a question we constantly ask ourselves; some say we are being dramatic, delusional, or just making a big deal out of things. But this changes now, when a mobile phone is found in a restaurants’ bathroom full of videos of girls then yes maybe we aren’t safe, and NO we are not delusional.

Harassment, either physical or other unfortunately isn’t something new in our society, especially these last few months where alleged cases have all been put forward and have filled our social medias, from pedophiles, to people filming women in airports, to actual parents assaulting their children… but this is a bit excessive don’t you think? You might be wondering what I’m talking about, well then here’s the latest news:

2 girls were at willy’s kitchen at Koleyet El Banat and one of them went to the bathroom and came out panting, full of sweat and really scared, why was that you might ask? Well, apparently, she found a mobile phone hanging on the ceiling above the toilet and filming girls, and not just that, it was also full of videos of different women using the bathroom. Turns out it belongs to one of the staff who is a 17 YEAR OLD BOY!! The restaurants’ manager only cared about the restaurants’ reputation, so they called the police, they confiscated the phone and removed all of its content, but the girl refused to raise a case against the guy since he is still a minor and she didn’t want him to lose his future and his whole life just because he was poorly raised, but he was detained in the end.

Here’s what the phone looked like:

And here’s the woman’s Facebook post:

Thing is, there’s nothing we can do about this but speak up, which the girls’ friend did, and we applaud her for it, take care, and raise awareness. I encourage every person out there to speak up about their experiences, share posts about others’ experiences, and try to raise awareness as much as they can, because this is not acceptable and our society can’t keep going like this; this is a crucial time, don’t stop talking, reposting, and speaking up. And for all of you reading this, please take care the next time you’re in a fitting room or a bathroom or wherever you’re changing because this is not the first time something like this has happened and it definitely won’t be the last, so take care, ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings, and most importantly: NEVER BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP!

I hope this helped at least one of you, please take care, raise awareness, and have a good day. 😊

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