All bodies are summer bodies

 Summer is starting, which means something else comes knocking on our doors, insecurities. Winter’s gone, we can’t hide in the comfort of our oversized hoodies and sweatshirts and let me tell you one thing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We all have insecurities, it’s all about how we deal with them.  The question is, do you want to live your life to the fullest and have fun? Or do you want to let society tell you how you should and shouldn’t dress and just hide in the comfort of your bedroom?

You’ll ask me, what does society have to do with any of this? Well, society has EVERYTHING to do with this, the whole summer body concept is just a way for industries to benefit from your insecurities, who wouldn’t even be there if society didn’t pressure us into looking a certain way, achieving a goal weight, having an hourglass figure, being very buff, etc.… “Oh, you have to lose these extra 2kgs and you’ll be perfect; you’re beautiful but only if your thighs were a little smaller/ thicker; you’re a very handsome young man, but maybe if you get toned up a bit you’ll attract more people; you’re perfect, but you just need to lose a little belly fat; you’re so skinny! If you put on a little more weight, you’ll be just perfect.” These are all sentences we heard at some point in our lives, but is there really a perfect weight? A perfect body? If skinny girls/boys are bullied into gaining weight, and then medium/ larger girls and boys are bullied into losing weight, then what should we look like? Is there a perfect body? Is there a perfect size? NO, no there isn’t. This is all just a way for capitalism to benefit from out insecurities, how is that you ask?

Well, you start by buying a sport bra or sport attire, then you start working out to get toned up, gain weight or lose weight, because yeah in all cases you aren’t ‘perfect’. Then you have to buy a gym membership. Then you have to start buying healthier food, energy drinks, detox teas, supplements. Oh, and after you lose/ gain the weight you want, you have to buy new clothes, because of course the old ones don’t fit anymore. And then when you finally get a sense of accomplishment, the perfect body type changes, and oh now you’re not ‘perfect’ anymore, surprise surprise. Because honestly, the ‘perfect’ ‘standard’ body type changes in a second! Having an extremely skinny figure was ‘in’ during the early 2000s and then in a blink of an eye, having a ‘curvy’ figure is now the beauty standard! That makes no sense!!! And if this proves anything, it’s that society will always find something to make you feel insecure so they can capitalize off of it, and I am here to tell you once again, YOU ARE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!

All bodies are summer bodies, as long as it’s a body and it’s summer, then it’s perfect! You are beautiful, you are healthy, you are unique, we can’t all be built the same way! We can’t all be perfect because perfect doesn’t even exist! Every single one of us has insecurities, we’re human, it’s just how we work, the goal is not to let them get to you and hold you back. The goal isn’t getting to your goal weight or looking a certain way, because once again, you’ll never be satisfied; the goal is to live your life to the fullest and start loving yourself already!!! And honestly, let’s face it, everyone is too self-obsessed and focused on themselves and the way they look to even notice everything you’re noticing, because once again, they all have insecurities too! Do you notice anything bad in your friends? Your family? Hell, even strangers?! No, you don’t, it’s because from your point of view they’re perfect, perfect in their own unique way! Well surprise surprise, that’s exactly how others see you!

You Are Perfect « Mimi and Eunice

So, get out of your comfort zone! Go live your life! To hell with those unattainable beauty standards! BE CONFIDENT!!! YOU ARE PERFECT. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And no one can ever come close to being you, because YOU ARE UNIQUE! Seriously, you rock!

I seriously hope you enjoyed this and that it helped at least one of you, you really are perfect, and you should never change for anyone! We love you the way you are! Hope you all have an amazing summer! 😊

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