Top 9 Places This Ramadan for Iftar

Ramadan is coming to an end but that doesn’t change the fact that nothing makes it better than”اللمة”… It’s personally my favorite time of the year ever and honestly it’s always better when you’re around the people you love, whether that’s with your friends or family, That’s why we’ve concocted a guide full of places for iftaar with your loved ones.

  1. ابو شقرة:

We’re starting this list with a must. “Abou Shakra” is an Egyptian restaurant that’s specialized in oriental food. It has a huge variety that would quite literally suit anyone who likes eating “مشويات” for iftaar. It also has restaurants all over Cairo so wherever you are, you’ll find one near you.

Here’s a link to both their hotline and menu:

2. Ghazalet El Reem Village:

This one is for those who really want to feel the ramadan vibe. This place brings authentic Bedouin food and culture to Cairo all while offering an amazing experience, one that you’ll never forget. It’s better to go with a big group and spend your time together in one of their many tents, the food there is great and the entertainment is even better!!! And all of that is in New Cairo, imagine that? It would definitely be our top pick this ramadan.

Here’s a link to both their number and menu:

3. Vittorio’s:

This is honestly one of my personal favorites, so I had to add it. Vittorio’s is a family owned Italian restaurant that’s located in maadi. It has a huge variety on their menu and they always make changes depending on your liking. The place is very cozy, the people working there are beyond amazing, and the food is honestly more than perfect.

Here’s a link to both their number and Ramadan menu:–gqv8

4. Ayadina:

Ayadina is a Lebanese restaurant that has an open buffet full of the most mouthwatering food, whether that’s their iconic kofta and Lahm b Ajeen or their desserts. If you like Lebanese food, then ayadina is a must!

Here’s a link to their menu:

5. Gringo’s:

If you’re a fan of Mexican food, then look no further because this one is for you! Gringo’s is one of the most amazing Mexican restaurants in Cairo that hits all the right spots, offering you empanadas, chimichangas, tacos, and everything you’d dream of paired with beautiful music and a great ambiance, starting at just EGP 39 this Ramadan.

Here’s a link to both their number and menu:

6. Sizzler:

If you’re into casual American dining, then Sizzler is the one for you. Offering you the juiciest steaks to the most flavorful burgers. It also has many branches so it’s very accessible!

Here’s a link to their menu: 

7. Desoky and soda:

This is also one of my favorite oriental restaurants in Egypt. Offering you a huge variety of food with great twists, it’s honestly one of my top recommendations for iftaar this Ramadan, it’s definitely a must!

Here’s a link to their number and menu:

8. Crave:

Crave is also an Italian restaurant that offers another amazing open buffet. It has the sauciest pastas and my favorite taco salad, it never disappoints. The restaurant itself and the ambiance is absolutely beautiful, it’s also a must in our opinion.

Here’s a link to their number and their menu:

9. Clam and Claws:

We’re ending this with one to all of our seafood lovers!!! They offer a very unique dining experience that not only makes the experience more enjoyable, it also makes the food 10 times more flavorful and full of spices. It’s definitely one of our top picks.

Here’s a link to both their number and menu:

Hope you have a great day! 🙂

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