Rivo Season 2 Recap : Spoiler Alert!

From the moment it was released, Rivo attracted viewers with its tasteful music and reminiscent vibes; it created the perfect balance between youthfulness and nostalgia. If you want to keep up with its latest events here’s a quick recap of what has happened so far.

The gang reunited!

As much as every one of the band takes a different path after what happened in the past, what got them together in the first place, gets them together this time: Rivo.

The band agrees to help Maryam by sending her voice notes telling her what happened in the past. However, they agree to tell her specific things, avoiding the main story.


El Agamy

Rivo goes to El Agamy to play at a night club called ” Summer Nights “. Saleh , the owner of the Cafe that they used to play at , was the owner of this place , he’s the one who gave them a chance .

Everything goes well until Shady decides to perform a freestyle, and that is when people start leaving and he has a conflict with Saleh .

In the meantime, Maryam takes her biological mother, Layla, and they visit their old house at “El Agamy” and there, she starts to know who Shady actually is.

She finds his room and it feels like his room was his identity. It expresses him and what he loves. She finds tapes that he recorded of her mother to help her remember in the future.

Black Cat

When Adham knows that Rivo is playing at “Summer Nights” he decides to try and stop them. He opens his own nightclub just across the street from “Summer Nights”, trying to attract more people but fails.

Yasmine is Adham’s partner in this night club, and when their plan fail they decide to offer Rivo a great amount of money so that they would agree to play at “Black Cat” instead.

Shady agrees to play at “Black Cat” after Adham told him that Rivo means only Shady. He heads out to play alone just to prove that Rivo means the whole band and not only him. He also takes his money in advance so that he could pay Saleh back .

Hassan and Rivo

We’ve always been wondering how is “Hassan Fakhr El Deen” related to Rivo; that was until the bomb was dropped in the last episode of season 1 explaining that he was the non-biological father to Shady. But was this the only reason?

Hassan is fascinated with their music, he is certain that they would achieve something if they kept going, that’s why he was always helping them, and providing them with a place to stay and the financial aid to upgrade their equipment.

We take a closer look at his relationship with his son and the band. Hassan is a good father to Shady even though he isn’t technically his father who brought him up.


In episode 2, Ziko -played by Mohamed Moula- finds out that Rivo actually had a published album of their own. In this episode a new song is revealed: ‘Tayer”.


Who’s this?

As the story continues, new faces keep appearing. In the latest episodes we start to know more about every member of Rivo. Their love-life, their weakness and their problems.


Sherihan appears in season 2 uncovering more details about Rivo’s mystery.

Sherihan and Maged loved each other back in the day. She met Maryam when she was staying in their house at “El Agamy” after Moatassem rented Sherihan’s apartment from her to stay near Maryam and her mother.


Who would have thought that Yasmine wasn’t Shady’s only love? Nour appears in episode 4. She is the bartender at ” Summer Nights”. Shady loves her so much but Nour has bigger dreams; She wants to study abroad so Shady tries to stop her from leaving. He fights with her father because he was supporting the idea of her leaving but things didn’t really go his way.

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