Arab Artists You Need To Add To Your Playlist This Summer

With summer being just around the corner, here are 6 Arab artists you need to be adding to your summer playlist ASAP.

1- Nour

AKA @r4wlight, is an Egyptian music artist who just dropped a new single “wana”. Having already released a number of other singles prior, the creativity in execution of Wana’s new drop, is putting Nour on the map for many Arab Gen-Z-er’s, with its catchy lyrics and out-of-the-box editing, Wana has thus far cumulated a whopping 8k streams on Spotify. Securing Nour a steadfast 5k monthly listeners and a spot on your summer playlist.

2-Ali Loka

Another fellow Egyptian making his way across the charts is none other than Ali Loka, having starred alongside Egyptian music-titan Amir Eid and film-star Asser Yassin in a recent ad, Loka’s dominance over the rap scene is making itself known to everyone in the region.

Loka has also recently released a new single alongside Ziad Zaza, the self-proclaimed Egyptian drill-master.

Why Loka’s probably finding his way across your playlist this summer, well because he’s nominated for none other than Africa’s best male artist of the year. He’s also performed with none other than the king Mohamed Mounir, so if he’s got Mounir’s approval, who are we to interject?

3-Dana Salah

With a Times Square entry of a single, we’re left to wonder, who isn’t listening to Dana?

Of Jordanian-Palestinian descent, Salah is one musician turned story-teller. To Salah, songwriting transgresses the means of simply creating a catchy song that sells, its a culture, a story a heritage and a form of art that needs to be carefully curated. In an interview with Yalla, Let’s Talk, Dana explains “I was always inspired by Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece, and aquatic elements…Aside from my heritage and background, life, in general, has always influenced me,”

Being the face of Spotify’s EQUAL campaign, we’re left to wonder what’s in store for the bursting Arab talent?

4-Noel Kharman

Another not so underground Arab Artist you should keep on your summer radar, is none other than Palestinian Kharman.

Another Spotify favorite, Kharman continues to astonish the masses by debuting in Times Square and yet again also previewing for Spotify’s EQUAL campaign.


Kharman, as with many artists, quickly gained traction and understanding from her audience and new followers post her Anas Bukhash interview, an interview worth watching if we may say so ourselves! Because while Kharman’s music is uniquely hers, hearing her story will allow you a greater depth of listening experience.

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