How to Maintain Relationships While Taking Care of Yourself

Every relationship is created to spread happiness, It provides us with warmth and safety no matter who we are in that relationship with but especially for love relationships, they can change a person totally and change his psychological state.

Studies show that people with healthy relationships have more happiness and less stress and people who hold healthy bonds love and support each other. They help each other practically as well as emotionally.


Healthy connections are commonly based on: respect, trust, open communication, equality, both shared and individual interests, understanding, honesty and care.

Connections are the ultimate test of self-care and when you prioritize self-care, connections stay healthy and balanced. Both partners can preserve their individuality without sacrificing too much of themselves for the relationship.

So, how can you maintain relationships while taking care of yourself?
1. Be affectionate and show appreciation

Romantic bonds can become routine after a while. Make special time together and continue to show your affection.

2. Make the relationship a priority.

It can be hard to balance social connections, work, family and friends. You can help establish a work-life balance by setting limits at work.

3. Maintian feeling good about yourself.

Feeling good about yourself allows you to give the best to your connections. Taking time to do what you enjoy can help.

4. Catch up.

Regardless of how busy or worn out we may feel, making it a priority to be social is important. We all need others we can rely on, to dish to, to laugh with, and to turn to in tough times. Having positive connections to others makes us happier individuals.

5. Forgiveness.


Forgiveness is an integral part of maintaining healthy connections. Learning how to ask for forgiveness and learning how to extend forgiveness are two skills that any bond requires. Giving others permission to be imperfect humans means that you’ll need to learn how to forgive.

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