A Comfortable and Sustainable Flight: 5 Great Ways to Ensure That!

How to ensure you have a comfortable and sustainable flight

Can making some decisions when booking a flight ensure sustainability? Sustainability is a long-term goal for our society to meet the needs of economic growth at its current speed with the least amount of impact on the environment. But it’s more than preserving the natural world and its fragile ecologies.

Sustainability is about enabling growth and development of businesses and government entities so that all parts of society work symbiotically to ensure that our future generations have the natural resources needed to survive.

Sustainable aviation is a multi-disciplinary field that seeks solutions to improve the environmental and societal impacts of air transportation. It aims to reduce aviation’s contribution to climate change through new practices and radical innovation. In other words, people can book flights and travel without contributing in pollution. So, due to the frequent travel at the moment for holidays abroad we will show you five ways to have a sustainable flight!

Fly Direct – if possible

By choosing a direct flight rather than making one or more stops, you are ensuring that your airplane only takes off once and is therefore much more fuel efficient. This would also eliminate some of your jetlag and turn your trip into one direct flight to your destination, and that’s when you could use the extra flight time to sleep on the plane.

Go Paperless

On your smartphone, download your boarding pass and limit the extra paper usage; this would cut down the time and ink that go into printing millions of boarding passes every day. Here at BagsID, we have made it our mission to remove traditional paper baggage tags from all journeys and help airlines reduce CO2 emissions.

Public Transportation to the Airport

Driving a car to the airport is bad for the environment and can be a huge waste of money. Instead, adopt eco-friendly travel by taking public transportation. This would also decrease the amount of money you would pay for parking at the airport and can make your trip easier as you could book a bus to your airport and get assistance with loading your luggage.

Buy Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets are a program that creates emissions credits that companies or individuals can purchase to pollute less than they would have been allowed. Buying carbon offsets will help the environment, benefit economies by developing clean energy sources, and promote healthier living.

Eco-friendly Luggage

Eco-friendly travel luggage is a step in the right direction for sustainable travel. This luggage has the same function as regular suitcases but without all the chemicals. Travellers can reduce the content of bags; this method proposes sustainability for travellers to bring their reusable bags with them. In addition, flying with less weight would ease your trip from the airport at your destinated country/city to the place where you are going to stay.

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