1st Time Elyanna Rocking Coachella with Her Stunning Arabic Music Performance Today!

PSA, there’s a new Arabic diva in town, and she’s taking Coachella by storm! Yes, we mean Elyanna!

Elyanna grew up surrounded by music, with her grandfather and mother both being poets and singers. She moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was 15 to further her talent and dream. Although it was not an easy move, she came with a goal in mind and has been able to accomplish it with her debut EP, released in February 2020, amassing millions of listens and topping the charts. Social media helped her connect with mentors, including Grammy-award-winning singer-songwriter Nasri and Lebanese-Canadian R&B star Massari.

Elyanna is ready to bring her native language to the stage, and we are here for it! It’s about time we see some recognition for Arabic music, and Elyanna is not holding back. She’s proud of who she is, and she’s not afraid to take risks and showcase her true self. And Coachella is the perfect stage to do it on.

Not only is Elyanna bringing her beautiful Arabic scales and notes to the festival, but she’s also bringing a full package with amazing choreography and talented dancers. She’s putting her heart and soul into every detail, and we can’t wait to see it all come to life on stage.


It’s refreshing to see an artist stand up for their culture and not try to fit into mainstream venues by changing who they are. Elyanna is paving the way for more artists to showcase their diverse cultures and languages. So, let’s get ready to dance and sing along to Elyanna’s beautiful Arabic music at Coachella, and show her the appreciation she deserves! Stay tuned for more Coachella news!

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