10 Free Must-Have Applications to Make Your Life Easier!

As we live in the 21st century, we have access to so much more than our ancestors. Technology has changed our perspectives and given us the opportunity to unite and live a simpler life. From just your smartphone or laptop, you can access a lot of features that will organize your whole life. And with a click on a download button, you can change your whole routine. So, here are 10 free applications that will make it much easier and much more fun:

1- DUO

This application is available for both iOS and Android users. Using DUO you can make endless video chats with your loved ones and friends all the time. It’s simple to use and all you need for this application is a phone number and the application, and you can connect with anyone anywhere anytime !

2. Instapay Egypt:

It must be frustrating to make a trip to the bank every-time you want to transfer money or even preform a normal task in the bank. Instapay changed lives, now you can transfer any amount of money to any other bank account or Meeza prepaid card. And all of that from just your bed and by a click on your phone.

3. Rescue Time:

Using this application you can track how much time you spend on a certain task, exam, essay or even a movie. This can make you more productive as it can help you organize your time based on the tasks you have during your day. It’s a great app for those you have time management issues and for those who want to start being “That” girl/guy.

4. My Fitness Pal:


Wanting to lose weight or even watch how much you eat through the day must be a really hard task to do on your own. My Fitness Pal has thousands of types of food and drinks, so it will much simpler for you to record everything you eat through your day and the app will help you know how much calories you consume through each food type. Not only that, but you can also record the amount of water intake and record your exercises or fitness routine.

5. Instashop/ Breadfast Applications:

For women who cannot go shopping, because of the duties and roles they have as mothers or other, these 2 applications can help you order groceries with fast delivery. And also, Breadfast has it’s own shop that makes bakeries and other products. You can find everything through these apps, including ready meals, necessities and more.

6. Bitwarden:

Tired of having to create the same password over and over again? Bitwarden changed lives! You can now store all your passwords securely without having to choose a basic one. Get creative and secure!

7. Peacock:

Bored but cannot create a Netflix account? Can’t afford it? Peacock saves the day by being one of the free apps that gives you access to all the shows and movies worldwide and all for free!

8. Evernote:

Too many thoughts? Too many notes? Evernote was just late to the party, this app allows you to journal everything you want, including school notes, a letter from an ex-boyfriend or even a heartbreak you can’t get over. With Evernote, you have access to endless ways to write, draw and even record a memo. It doesn’t wait for the world to change, it’s the change the world needs.

9. Smiling mind:

Are you always tired? Can’t really focus on what matters? Smiling mind got you! A stress-free app, good for meditation and maintaining a good night’s sleep, while still being able to focus and have an active mind. With a smiling mind, you will make it to work on time and still perform your best.

10. Mint:

Mint is an app that helps you organize your finance based on your credit balance and needs. It helps you save more money and spend less, while still getting the things you need. It’s basically a life saver and maybe the summer trip you wanted to save for can finally happen!

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