Mohamed Hany from the 18-Year-Old ‘Junior’ to ‘The Captaino’

Mohamed Hany, also known as The Captaino, is an Egyptian professional football player aged 27 years. He plays for AlAhly SC and the Egyptian National Team in the Right-Back position.


The Early Beginnings

Hany started playing football at Alahly’s junior team in 2005 when he was 8 then he joined the youth team. He joined the first team in 2015 at the age of 18, which is a very young age to play with the seniors, and he attended some players from the golden generation. Hany never left Alahly for either the national or international team, despite the numerous offers he received.

The Boy is the Captain!

A week ago, Hany put on the captain badge to be AlAhly SC captain against ES Tunis, after El-Shenawy’s injury. Currently, he is considered Alahly’s captain due to the absence of Amr Elsolia, the second captain in order, from the main lineup. In fact, this is not the first time for Hany to seize the captain badge; he wore it for the first time in 2022 against El-Gouna FC, when he tweeted ‘It was my dream to be written that one day I was Alahly’s captain’.

Why is Hany influential?

Hany, in many situations, displayed that he is a captain without a badge; he encouraged and urged his teammates always to keep up the hard work and focus. Many times, Hany was subject to severe criticism by fans who used to call him the ‘junior’ ‘ElNashe2’ and he had to stay on the bench for successive games or even be excluded from the team’s list; yet he displayed no anger or impatience, he always respects the club and its fans and he managed to perform very well.

Hany always shines in the Club World Cup (CWC) games; the fans spotted this due to his fantastic performance against the big teams such as Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

Not only stunning performance, but Hany scored Alahly’s only goal against Monterrey fc in the CWC 2022. For these reasons, the fans called him ‘Hany the Mundial’ or ‘Hany ElMondialy’ The player contributed to many titles seized by Alahly; he won with the team 5 Leagues, 4 Local Egyptian Super Cups, 2 Egyptian Cups, 2 African Champions League Cups, and 2 CWC’s bronze medals. Almost throughout this whole season, Hany was present in the main lineup.

What does Hany’s story tell you?

Hany is an inspiring model to all youth, especially athletes, who are experiencing downs in their lives and careers, particularly after Baghdoda’s incidents. His story sends a message to keep chasing our dreams and never let temporal criticism or lack of appreciation slow us down. Hany offers an inspiring push to all those who feel that their tough trips won’t be crowned with happy endings.

BY: Habeba Mahmoud

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