25 New Summer Captions To Brighten Up Your Feed

Finals season is almost over which means that it is time for the most coveted season of the year; summer! Summer is the time we all let loose and travel with friends, hang out with family, and do all of the things we’ve been too busy to do all year long. Along with summer, there is usually an influx of pictures, selfies and tiktoks that most people love to post on social media in order to share their adventures with others or to keep their memories online in some sort of a digital diary that can be easily accessed whenever the need to reminisce about the good days at any stressful time of the year.

Captions, although may seem insignificant, can make or break a post so to inspire you we have collected a sample of summer scenarios that may be posted and captions that correspond to them. 

Beach pictures/videos 

summer captions
  • Good times and tan lines 
  • Happiness comes in waves 
  • You can find me where the sea meets the sand 
  • Seas the day!
  • Gone to the beach, back never 

Picnic pictures/videos 

  • Food, friends, and sunshine 
  • “Here comes the sun”- The Beatles 
  • Things just taste better outdoors 
  • Everyone needs a picnic once in a while 
  • I was made for sunny days and picnics

Summer internship pictures/videos 

  • Hustlin’ 
  • When daydreams become a reality 
  • Perseverance pays.. a lot!
  • Livin’ life
  • Work hard then work harder 

Travel pictures /videos 

  • Adventure awaits!
  • What’s on my bucket list? Everywhere. 
  • Always take the scenic route 
  • Bon voyage!
  • Tired feet, happy heart. 

Lazy day in pictures/ videos 

  • Home is where the heart is 
  • Pyjamas all day!
  • The art of doing nothing 
  • Stay at home, but make it fashionable 
  • When in doubt, staycation 

Everyone is put through at least one of these situations during summer, so why not capture the moment through video or a picture and remember it forever by defining the day in style with a whimsical caption.  

Here are some new things you can try (and post about) this summer!

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