5 models wearing different outfits showcasing 2023 fashion trends.

5 Reasons Why We Hate Fashion Today

While fashion is subjective and what someone may consider fashionable, another may not, there are just some trends we can’t get behind.

While fashion is subjective and what someone may consider fashionable, another may not, there are just some trends we can’t get behind. We’ve compiled a list of all the reasons we’re not a fan of the current fashion world. 

Lack of Creativity

Is it just me, or does it feel like everything that designers are coming out with has already been made 20+ years ago? 90s trends making a comeback? the Y2K takeover? Cargo shorts and fanny packs? Been there, done that. When are we coming out with something new? Aside from old trends resurfacing, people are criticizing designers for not being as creative as they used to. Chanel, Versace, and McQueen are just a few designers that were absolutely iconic in the 90s. If you’re unfamiliar with what old runway looks used to look like, may I suggest looking at this article of Thierry Mugler’s looks throughout the 80s and 90s.

5 runway looks from Thierry Mugler from the 1980s - 1990s.

Absurd Designs

Seriously, has anyone seen a runway show in the past couple years? Yes, runway looks are more “art pieces” that are for inspiration, but that doesn’t mean we have to completely omit ready to wear looks (or decent looking clothing). Sideways dresses, deflatable balloons – am I the only one who’s asking what is going on? That being said, check out our article on the 2023 Dubai Fashion week if you missed it!

Fashion model for Viktor and Rolf Spring 2023 Runway Collection

Fast Fashion

Probably the biggest reason here, the rise of influencers and microtrends has accelerated how much clothing we consume. Things become trends overnight, and leave just as fast. With the rise of websites like Shein, overconsumption has hit an all record high, with 85% of textiles going to landfills each year. With the amount of environmental damage caused, sweatshops and underpaid workers, and the increase of overconsumption, fast fashion is an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. 

Landfill of discarded clothing.

Unaffordability & Lack of Quality

High-end designer brands are out of budget for most of us, but recently “affordable” brands have upped their price points as well. Brands that disguise themselves as “high end” but are actually fast fashion stores prey on consumers with their reputation and brand image. Not to mention the lack of quality that’s been declining in the past few years, with brands focusing on cutting costs as much as possible, it’s almost impossible to find decent clothing at a fair price point these days.

Clout Culture

Aside from the bad designs, fashion today isn’t about who looks the best, it’s about who’s outfit is more expensive. Who has the rarest Jordans, who’s wearing the most expensive t-shirt, etc. If you’re not wearing some sort of recognizable brand, nobody really cares about your outfit. Fashion used to be about creativity, curating different pieces and wearing your personality. Today, it’s just following trends and becoming a walking poster boy for brands. (Spoiler alert: I hate “hypebeast” outfits.)

In conclusion, we can all agree that the fashion industry is not what it once was, and there are many complaints and concerns people have that should be addressed. Ultimately, fashion is subjective, and it is up to the consumers to decide what trends and practices align with their personal values and aesthetic preferences.

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