5 Areas Of Your Beauty Routine To Make More Sustainable

Curating the perfect beauty routine which suits your skin and hair type as well as your general preferences can be a long and tedious process. However, it is one that most people undergo in order to ensure that they are keeping their hair, skin and bodies fresh, healthy and most importantly fulfilled with all of the treatments they may require.

You can always take it up a notch by ensuring that your beauty routine is sustainable, waste-free, and environmentally friendly. This may result in a more time consuming and hassling search for products but in turn, it guarantees that all of the products used are not harmful to the environment which will make your conscious feel good in addition to your body.


Skincare is the one thing you absolutely must research thoroughly before using as it can make or break your skin, literally. Sustainable skincare brands prioritize the earth’s wellbeing as well as yours which usually entails that the ingredients they use are extremely delicate on the skin and are less likely to cause irritation or break outs. The easiest way to make your skincare routine more sustainable is by researching and sampling products from brands who are known to use ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients in their products. Some brands which offer such features in their products are Bubblzz, Joviality and The Body Shop. 



The variety of makeup in the beauty industry, in relation to skincare, is much more expansive due to it being the branch of beauty products that gives instantaneous results. This makes it possibly one of the most consumed type of products in the beauty industry with a rising market. One of the best ways of ensuring that you are using makeup sustainably is targeting products which can be refilled after the product is fully consumed to save money and most importantly reduce plastic waste as the plastic packaging of the product is reused with the refill.

Ideally, you should exclusively purchase products labelled as zero waste or products that come in glass or cardboard packaging as these are much more environmentally friendly. Zero waste products can even be bought for cheaper prices as you are paying for the price of the product alone without the packaging which makes it a more economic decision alongside being environmentally friendly. 

Hair care

Hair care routines are not exactly a prominent part of everyone’s lives but they genuinely help reduce breakage, split ends and multiple other issues. The standard products most people use are shampoo and conditioner, which may contain many chemicals that are as harmful to your hair’s health as they are to the environment. This can be avoided by opting for hair products that use sustainable ingredients and are not too heavy on chemical components. Another way to make your hair care routine more sustainable is by recycling or reusing the packaging of shampoo bottles or even DIY-ing your own hair products to prevent excessive plastic consumption. 

Nail Care


Using environmentally friendly nail polish and nail care products is obviously one of the main ways you can make your nail care routine more sustainable. Some other ways to improve is by choosing ethical nail salons whenever you want your nails professionally done, donating old nail polishes you aren’t going to use anymore to charities, and substituting cotton pads when removing nail polish with a more biodegradable medium.

Body Care

You should definitely attempt to purchase refillable body lotion bottles or even glass ones that you can manually refill at a zero waste store. You can also attempt to make your own body care products by following a tutorial on any website. Although body care is not the main concern when it comes to sustainability, it is still a factor that can easily be eradicated.

Regardless of the fact that these strategies may be hard to implement at first, they become second nature after a short while and give you a satisfying feeling both because of their quality and their earth-saving properties. 

Here are some websites you can purchases sustainable beauty products from:

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